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Autumn Winter 2016 Eyewear Trends

Autumn Winter 2016 Eyewear Trends

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Pair your favourite sweater and scarf with some on-trend glasses this season. With the weather getting colder and the days getting darker, it’s the perfect time to touch-up your seasonal attire. If you’re not up to date with the latest eyewear trends, we’ve dug up some helpful style tips from London Fashion Week A/W 2016 to give you some inspiration. Feast your eyes on these  Autumn Winter 2016 Eyewear Trends.

1) Dark, Sensual Colours

Ideal for this time of the year, dark and sensual hues have become an apparent trend. A couple brands such as Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Moschino are particularly famous for their luxe, mysterious apparel designs. Their eyewear collections are no exception.


Givenchy Autumn Winter Eyewear Trends

Marc Jacobs Autumn Winter Eyewear Trends

Moschino Autumn Winter Eyewear Trends

2) Jewels & Emblems

Rare gems and emblems have also become a popular trend and Dolce&Gabbana, Bvlgari and Versace are pushing this focus forward. Dolce&Gabbana specialise on flower details and intricate frame designs, while Bvlgari and Versace carefully select jewels to be placed right into the frames and arms of the glasses. Perfect if you like to show a little bling-bling!

Dolce&Gabbana Autumn Winter Eyewear TrendsBvlgari Autumn Winter Eyewear TrendsVersace Autumn Winter Eyewear Trends

3) Havana Heaven

Havana coloured glasses are yet another Autumn/Winter 2016 Eyewear Trend that have made a big appearance in the fashion world this season. Many brands are picking up this popular style, but we find that Prada, Celine and Fendi do it best.

Their colours and print texture is strong and they also mix Havana with other fun colours to try. Other prints such as animal-inspired striped and spotted glasses are also making their way into the eyewear scene as designers continue to innovate and introduce new styles.

Prada Autumn Winter Eyewear Trends
Celine Autumn Winter Eyewear TrendsFendi Autumn Winter Eyewear Trends

4) Oversized Luxe

Oversized glasses not only go great with a big comfy scarf, but they are also a major Autumn/Winter 2016 Eyewear Trend. Tom Ford has a wide variety of oversized glasses to add a nice touch of luxury to casual attire or perfect your chic look.

Tom Ford Autumn Winter Eyewear TrendsTom Ford Autumn Winter Eyewear Trends

And there you have it! These are the major Autumn/Winter Eyewear Trends for 2016 and we hope they give you some inspiration as to how you can get your wardrobe ready for the season! All you need now is that big comfy scarf and sweater…

If you’re not yet feeling inspired, you can also head on over to VisionDirect to see more fun glasses to try out this year!

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