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Adding Pizzazz to your Wardrobe

Adding Pizzazz to your Wardrobe

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There are few better ways to add pizzazz to your wardrobe than with fashionable, designer accessories. Accessories like Jimmy Choo shoes. It’s the icing on the cake that makes it taste so deliciously sweet after all.

But how do you make sure your accessories are blending with your existing wardrobe and not overshadowing it, or worse, clashing.

First, don’t buy all your accessories in one brand. It’s okay to have a favorite. Who doesn’t? But the more you spread out the designer brands the more it looks like you really know your stuff. So if your shoes are not Jimmy Choo, pull a bold move and get Jimmy Choo sunglasses. After all, everyone has shoes by Jimmy Choo. You want to stand out, look like a fashionista and still rock the best brands.

You’ll also want to demonstrate a preference for a few specific looks without going overboard with any specific designer. If you like retro fashion, check out the brands that cater to this look instead of finding just one brand and hoarding their accessories. The obvious choice would be Dita, but that’s contrived. Instead, look for a retro pair of sunglasses from a less expected source, like Ray-Ban eyewear. Yes, they have retro designs too!

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