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A Guide To Wearing Makeup With Glasses
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A Guide To Wearing Makeup With Glasses

A Guide To Wearing Makeup With Glasses

There’s no denying that wearing glasses can present some cosmetic challenges, however, it need not be impossible. How do you deal with foundation rubbing off onto your glasses or lenses that make your eyes look smaller than they actually are? We’ve got a couple of tips to help you master the tricks and rock some seriously stylish eyewear.

Begin With Long-Lasting Foundation

For regular glasses wearers, we are sure that you’ve encountered the slightly annoying experience of foundation transferring from your nose bridge to the nose bridge of your frames.  To avoid this, we’d recommend applying foundation only on the areas where you actually need it. You should also make sure that the foundation is as close a match to your skin colour as possible.  If however, you’re really dead set on wearing foundation all over, then we’d advise you to buy a product which is specially for long lasting wear and set it with a powder.

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Reduce appearance of shadows and bags

You can balance out any shadows your glasses cast under your eyes by simply using a corrector and concealer to simultaneously counterbalance any discoloration and add some glow to the undereye area. Concealers with peachy or yellow undertones are best suited to eliminate and dark-blue and purple shadows.

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Make your eyes look bigger and wider.

If you are short sighted and feel your glasses make your eyes look smaller than they are, we would recommend going for bold eye makeup like a bronze smoky eye.  You can also use an eyelash curler which has the effect of allowing more light to reach your eyes, making them look bigger. Don’t forget to add lashings of mascara to finish this stage.



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Tone down eyes that look bigger

For lenses which correct long sightedness, they can have the opposite effect and make your eyes look bigger. They key to dealing with this is to keep your eye make-up as natural and light as possible so think soft mascara and neutral tones for your eye shadow.



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Choose The Right Frames

Makeup is all about expressing yourself so it’s really up to you what colours you wear. For your frames, there are of course certain colours and styles that work best. Gold shades – in particular rose gold, work really well with blue or brown eyes and purple tones are very well suited to green eyes for example.

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Go Beyond The Frames

For the rest of your makeup, it’s best to keep things dewy and as au naturel as possible. You can add some light blush to give a fresh faced look or go bold with a strong lip colour. (PS. Your lipstick can also serve as a blusher). Last but not least, always make sure you eyebrows are shaped as this will ensure they accentuate your face.

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