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6 Colourful Sunglasses for Vivid Light Festival

6 Colourful Sunglasses for Vivid Light Festival

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Celebrate in Sydney this year at the Vivid Festival of light, music and ideas. A mesmerising 23-day festival that takes place once a year, the Vivid Festival is a place where creatives, innovators and artists put on a show for locals and visitors to enjoy. Vivid Light literally transforms Sydney into a wonderland of light art displays and sculptures that range in size from small installations to grand-scale projections. It is the world’s largest outdoor art-gallery and is a true spectacle of what can be created when art, technology and commerce come together.

Vivid Light Festival Fashion

6 Colourful Sunglasses for Vivid Light Festival

Any festival requires some fun accessories to celebrate! We thought it appropriate to showcase a few of our most fluorescent, unique and eccentric sunglasses that would be perfect to show off this year at Vivid.

Here are six of our top picks.

1) Woodys Barcelona Monroe HolyWood Limited Edition

Try on these reinvented 3D movie theatre glasses for the light shows! These limited edition Woodys Barcelona Monroe HolyWood sunnies are just what you need to take your look to another dimension.

Woodys Barcelona Monroe HolyWood Limited Edition Sunglasses


2) Marc by Marc Jacobs

See the world in technicolour with these Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ Rubber sunnies. Experience the beautiful light shows in a totally unique display.

Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ Rubber Sunglasses


3) Fendi Paradeyes

Enjoy these luxe Fendi Paradeyes sunnies day or night. Don’t forget to bring them along when you’re gallery hoping!

Fendi Paradeyes Sunglasses


4) Retrosuperfuture Tuttolente Lucia

Rock out to the evening musical performances with these reflective Retrosuperfuture Tuttolente Lucia sunnies with red lenses. Enhance your visual experience!

Retrosuperfuture Tuttolente Lucia Red Sunglasses


5) AM Eyewear MEL.2

A local favourite, here is AM Eyewear with their old-school MEL.2 sunnies. Complete with crazy cool Havana frames and psychedelic purple mirror lenses.

AM Eyewear Mel.2 Sunglasses


6) Cazal

If you really want to go all out, Cazal has the eyewear you need. These electric sunnies are our top pick to charge up your Vivid Festival look.

Cazal Sunglasses

For more fun sunglasses you can check out the full selection at VisionDirect.

Have a blast at Vivid!

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