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Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar 2016? 5 reasons Leonardo DiCaprio deserves to win an Oscar this year
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Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar 2016? 5 reasons Leonardo DiCaprio deserves to win an Oscar this year

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar 2016? 5 reasons Leonardo DiCaprio deserves to win an Oscar this year

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar 2016 – Is this the year? It’s beyond us that Leonardo DiCaprio has been acting professionally since the age of 5 but is yet to take home an Academy Award. The guy has been in some of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed movies in history. So when is poor Leo going to get the recognition he deserves? Join us as we narrow down the five main reasons why he should take home an Oscar this year.

It’s been a long time coming.

Yes as mentioned, DiCaprio started acting at the tender age of 5 and his first nomination (for Best Supporting Actor) was back in 1993 for his role as a mentally disturbed teen in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. If you haven’t seen it, please do but make sure have your tissues ready – it’s real a tearjerker. Apparently DiCaprio was happy he didn’t win because he was nervous about giving an acceptance speech but on his behalf, we are disappointed that the Academy decided to award Tommy Lee Jones and his profoundly preposterous acting in the crime thriller, the Fugitive.


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Weak competition.

Let’s face it, the 2016 Oscars nominees this year are hardly tough competition. In the last few years however, DiCaprio has been up against some serious contenders. He lost out to McConaughey’s  portrayal of AIDS stricken patient, Ron Woodroof in 2013; Forest Whitaker’s portrayal of heinous dictator Idi Amin in 2006 and Jamie Foxx’s blind American icon Ray Charles in 2004. It’s fair to say that all three performances were award worthy and even die hard DiCaprio fans cannot dispute this. So, Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar 2016 may not be that far away.

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No love for Titanic?

We know Titanic is a cheese-fest to many but can we draw your attention to the fact that the film was nominated for a whopping 14 Academy Award and managed to win 11 of them? With 11 Oscar wins in the record book, we think baby-faced Leo deserved some recognition because let’s face it, who remembers the actual winner of the award back then? Nope, neither do we.

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar 2016

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Left out in the cold for Django Unchained.

Yes Django Unchained is another film where DiCaprio missed out big time. Both Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Waltz won Oscars for Django Unchained, but our beloved Leo? You guessed it  – nada. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe, but guess who won? His co-star Christopher Waltz.

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar 2016

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He really went big this time.

The last three winners of the Best Actor Award all went through some pretty impressive physical transformations to play their respective characters. Whilst the real life Hugo Glass did not revolutionize the world, please let’s pay due respect for some serious effort on DiCaprio’s part in the Revenant including: sleeping in a dead horse, eating raw bison liver, swimming in ice cold rivers and scaling up steep and rocky cliffs.


Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar 2016

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 Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar 2016

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Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar 2016 – Is this the year? As we get our popcorn ready for the 2016 Oscars, we just want to say one thing – we love and are rooting for you Leo!

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