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5 Fashion Lessons we’ll be taking into 2016 about style and eyewear
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5 Fashion Lessons we’ll be taking into 2016 about style and eyewear

5 Fashion Lessons we’ll be taking into 2016 about style and eyewear

There was much to learn in 2015 about style and eyewear. With the new year unfolding, we take a look at some of the fashion lessons learned and the style tips we’ll be taking into 2016.

5 Fashion Lessons we’ll be taking into 2016

Dress for yourself

We’ve never recommended wearing something purely because it’s trendy. If 2015 taught us anything, it’s that you have to embrace self-confidence and dress for you and wear whatever you want no matter what. One of the biggest advocates for this is Anna Della Russo who is the epitome of someone who wears whatever she likes (eyewear included) and completely kills it. Shop similar styles here and here.



Try and try again

Just because you’ve tried and not succeeded the first time, this doesn’t mean you should stop there.  We can’t count the number of times we’ve tried to rock the round sunglasses trend and have been less than satisfied with how we look. What to do next? Try another pair and keep trying until you find what works for you! Some new models we’ll be trying in the new year include the Spektre Metro 2 and Le Specs Wild Child.


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If it ain’t broke…

We’re predicting that 2016 will see the continuation of eyewear styles which have been trending in 2015. Whilst we try and avoid jumping onto trend bandwagons, we’re advocators of smart shopping and dammit, if ain’t broke then why fix it. If anything, you should try and invest in a high quality pair. Some of the biggest trends for eyewear have included mirrored lenses and cat eye shapes. We think the Celine Baby Audrey and the Ray-Ban Aviator Flash models are two top notch pairs of glasses that are worth adding to your eyewear collection this year.


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Be bold

The various sunglasses and eyeglasses which debuted  in 2015 really made a case for being bold and taking a risk  – cue the Dolce & Gabbana’s Minimal Baroque and Mamas Brocade models. The avant guarde designs of both collections (think eye catching scroll temple pieces and jewel encrusted frames ) really inspire us to be just that bit more adventurous with our eyewear choices.


Geek chic rules

Perhaps looking like a geek/nerd was a look you tried to AVOID back in the day. Geek chic however, is now the basis of plenty of sartorial inspiration and 2015 saw the resurge of Harry Potter style glasses like the Tom Ford 5294 . We think it’s a trend that will continue in 2016 so take cue.

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