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2013 Brings Back Vintage Sunglasses

2013 Brings Back Vintage Sunglasses

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What’s going to be hot for 2013, vintage style of course. Is it because there is nothing new to look forward to this year? Actually, quite the opposite there is just so much that happened this part year, with all the wars, natural disasters, not to mention evading the recent end of the world prediction, people just want to take comfort in something they are comfortable with, something warm and familiar. This desire for nostalgia manifests itself in fashion and entertainment. For every lineup of alien invasion and of end-of days movies, opportunistic fashion designers with release their interpretations of über-modern fused with vintage chic.

A really easy way to add that bit of vintage chic to your outfit is by adding in a retro accessory, the easiest and least expensive addition would be some retro eyewear. Persol sunglasses are your best bet to match mix and match with your modern clothing. This pairing can be seen in the latest Bond movie (cuff links, Persol sunglasses, thin ties). Orlando Bloom and even the most powerful agent in the world were spotted sporting a pair off stage.

So if you’re a bit short on cash after this New Year just remember that it is much cheaper to just add a few accessories to your outfits which will give them a new feel without having to buy an entirely new wardrobe.

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