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10 Things to do in Sydney this Summer
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10 Things to do in Sydney this Summer

10 Things to do in Sydney this Summer

Summertime in Sydney equals sun, beach and a whole heap of cultural activities and sights to experience. Check out our Guide to summer in Sydney 2015-16.

  1. Messtival

06 December 2015


Image credit: weekendnotes

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Welcome the start of summer with Messtival, a one day event which also marks the peak of mango season. It’s a relatively new festival but is becoming increasingly popular, so if you haven’t been yet, then this is most definitely the year to go! The festival takes place on the 6th of December, so grab your swimmers, sunnies and head to Bondi Beach for some serious food debauchery and a fun day at the beach.

  1. Christmas Dinner at Methuselah’s Cellar

10 December 2015 


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If a mango-fest is not your thing but you are a food lover nonetheless, another fabulous way to start your Christmas festivities is at Methuselah’s Cellar. This once in a lifetime experience is an appetizing dinner hosted by some of Australia’s best Sommeliers and Private Chefs. It’s the perfect place to take your partner or head to with your friends for a luxurious and sumptuous feast to round off 2015.

  1. Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

26 December 2015


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One great way to cull any post-Christmas blues is taking to the shores of Sydney Harbour and watching the epic journey of over a hundred yachts at the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

  1. New Year celebrations

31 December 2015


Image credit: news.com.au

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There’s a reason 1.5 billion people watch the Sydney Fireworks. Sydney Harbour is the place to ring in 2016. Be one of the first in the world to welcome the New Year and battle the crowds to see this eye popping fireworks display up close.

  1. Sydney Festival

7 -26 January 2016


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During January, the annual Sydney Festival takes place and attendees will have the chance to take part in a month long series of festivities, music, comedy, dance and theatre performances across the city’s main public spaces and venues.

  1. Twilight at Taronga

28 January 2015 – 12 March 2016


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There’s no better time to visit Taronga Zoo than during summer. Between January and March, the Zoo’s amphitheatre will host numerous concerts and evening shows to mark its centennial year. Join big names like Missy Higgins and Ladysmith Black Mambazo as they play some of their most popular songs, all against the beautiful backdrop of the Sydney Harbour.

  1. Chinatown Night Market – Haymarket

04, 11, 18 December 2015 and 08 January 2016

Chinatown Night Market

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The Chinatown Night Market is a favourite for tourists and locals alike. Experience the aromatic tastes of Asian cuisine right on your doorstep this summer. The festival will take place on four separate nights, so if one trip is not enough, you can definitely re-visit.

  1. Chinese New Year festival

21 February 2016


 Image credit: cbc

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Continuing the celebration of Asian culture is the Chinese New Year Festival. The annual event will be celebrated around the country and boasts a range of cultural events including the Chinese Lion Dance, martial artists, firecrackers, traditional music and much more.

  1. Sydney Mardi Gras

5 March 2016


 Image credit: CBC

Sydney’s Mardi Gras celebration, won’t be short on excitement, buzz, colour and vibrant Aussies celebrating diversity. The Sydney Mardi Gras Party just keeps getting better and better, and with Conchita Wurst performing this year, it’s a must do in Sydney.

  1. Taste of Sydney

TBC – March 2016

SYD 10

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The epicurean bonanza will be held this year at Centennial Park, and for self-indulgent food lovers, Taste of Sydney will hit the spot. Experience what some of Australia’s finest restaurants have to offer as they serve bite sized portions of the highest quality Australian tucker and wines. It’s not only about tasting thought – there’s also fun to be had with a range of master-classes, sessions with chefs and live music. All in all…heaven.

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