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10 sexy actresses who wear glasses

10 sexy actresses who wear glasses

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Is it just us, or has been there a noticeable shift in how people perceive wearing glasses? When we were kids, we dreaded visiting the optometrist, as we feared glasses would knock us down to the bottom of the social ladder.

But the times they are a’ changing, and these days our peers opt for glasses even when they don’t have to. Yes, we’re looking at you, hipsters. To prove our point – and to deal with a heavy bout of procrastination – we’ve compiled a list of actresses who prove that yes: it is possible to look even sexier with glasses.

1. Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel









We were under the impression Zooey was still queen of the hipsters, until an old friend let us know that “Zooey is so 2009”. Either way, it’s hard to imagine Zooey without a pair of glasses, preferably without lenses.

2. Keira Knightley

Keira's display of annoyance









You can’t blame a celebrity for attempting the old “hoodie and a pair of glasses” trick to appear incognito, but Keira doesn’t completely pull it off.

3. Alice Eve

Alice Eve







Star Trek Into Darkness’ Alice Eve was recently the focus of some minor controversy surrounding the sci-fi picture when it turned out there were more ladies than men stripping in the film.

4. Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu







Lucy Liu’s currently taking over network TV, as Watson (yes, Watson) in the American Sherlock series Elementary. These glasses help add maturity to the looks of an actress who’s grown a lot since starting off as grumpy eye candy in Charlie’s Angels.

5. Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones







Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones is inseparable from her glasses, and it’s hard to imagine her without them at this point.

6. Scarlett Johansson
scarlett johansson







In 2006 Scarlett Johansson did an attempt to shake off her sexy hipster image, by playing a journalist in Woody Allen’s Scoop. Although the movie proved to be underwhelming, both critically and financially, we can’t deny that Johansson did manage to pull of the glasses look.

7. Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks








It’s no surprise that Christina Hendricks is perhaps the best suited person on our list to wear glasses. By now she’s nearly inseparable from her character in Mad Men, a self-assured woman who’s working for an ad agency in a pre-contact lenses era.

8. Kate Beckinsale
Actress Kate Beckinsale Golden Globe Award nominations







Kate Beckinsale has come a long way since her early beginnings in the Underworld franchise. She’s traded in the leather spandex for a self-assured look, complete with stylish glasses. If we didn’t know better, we would have never guessed she’s mostly functioned as eye candy during her career.

9. Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried







Seyfried’s career started off modestly, when she played the “best friend” character in both Veronica Mars and Mean Girls, but is now that of an actress capable enough to carry a movie. She’s embraced her sexuality, as can be seen in Lovelace, a recent release about Deep Throat sensation Linda Lovelace.

10. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway glasses








Hathaway’s doing pretty good for herself these days. Unlike some of her peers she’s never had to stoop to being set dressing, and has managed to land meaty roles in Les Mis√©rables and Catwoman. It’s no surprises she’s opted for a pair that makes her look like a confident, smart woman. (And to that friend we once had this discussion with: her eyes are not too big. Drop that.)


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