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Tour de France Winners: Oakley Showcase
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Tour de France Winners: Oakley Showcase

Tour de France Winners: Oakley Showcase

Fans around the world have much to look forward to this month as the world’s most prestigious cycling competition started on Saturday, with several top Tour de France winners jostling for the coveted yellow jersey.

The annual event which first started in 1903 has produced many champions over its 21 stages from the hundreds of riders who compete every year. While calling who will be this year’s champion of the general category will be tough , it is certain that competition will be fierce on all fronts including endurance, training methods and apparel technology.

With every detail of strategy, training and equipment driving seconds between competitors, let’s take a look into the grand tour’s past and present champions and their eyewear.

Chris Froome

Chris FroomeImage Credit: @chrisfroome Twitter

Born in Kenya, raised in South Africa the young ‘Froomey’ went from riding through the local villages (dodging wild animals) to riding with Team Sky and Team GB and the world’s most competitive cycling athletes. Froome is one of only 20 champions to have won the race twice, marking him as one of the tournament’s greatest competitors.

Froome has represented Great Britain in the 2012 London Olympics where he scored a bronze medal. He has also dominated several high profile competitions, from 2nd place in Vuelta a España in 2011 to his blazing victories at the 2013 and 2015 Tour de France.

Oakley racing jacket OO9171Image Credit: Oakley

Froome is often spotted wearing Oakley’s Racking Jacket professional cycling glasses. These sunnies come in the wrap around style, inspired by the Oakley Jawbone. The Racing Jacket model can feature Oakley’s PRIZIM™ technology to fine tune light transmission during racing and enhance visibility.

Bradley Wiggins

Bradley WigginsImage Credit: @OfficialWIGGINS Twitter

Belgium born and the son of Australian cyclist Gary Wiggins, Bradley Wiggins is also known as ‘Wiggo’. Wiggins began his cycling in career in track racing, transitioning to the road later in his career. Raised in London, Wiggins started racing at 12 years old and can count three Olympic gold medals to his impressive cycling career.

In 2012 Wiggins eclipsed his previous year disappointment, where he was forced to withdraw from the Tour de France due to a crash, and confidently secured a yellow jersey.

Oakley radar path OO920843Image Credit: Oakley

Wiggins has sported a range of Oakley sunglasses but he is usually found with a pair of Oakley Radar Path. This model is engineered to increase airflow under the cheeks and includes the brand’s unique eargrips and nosepads to help keep high performance riders cooler. The lightweight and stress-resistant frame also allows riders to interchange lenses so that riders can maintain optimal vision during the different weather conditions of the race.

Vincenzo Nibali

Vincenzo NibaliImage Credit: @vincenzonibali Twitter

Vincenzo Nibalia one of just a handful of riders to have won all three Grand Tours, Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España. Nibali is often called ‘The Shark” given his birthplace nearby the Strait of Messina.

One of The Shark’s most extraordinary victories was during 2014 riding for Astana. Due to a stomach bug, Nibalia fell behind by 4 minutes and 43 seconds from the lead jersey. Remarkably, The Shark mounted an incredible recovery and secured an astonishing victory.

Oakley radar pitch OO9211Image Credit: Oakley

Nibali has been known to wear a variety of frames including Oakley Radar Extended Vision (EV). Available in two styles. Path provides greater clearance under the lenses for the rider’s natural face shape, improving ventilation while Pitch provides greater coverage for enhanced vision while on descents. Both of these frames take advantage of OMatter® materials and Unobtainum® to improve weight and durability for close competition riding together with Oakley’s performance style ventilation.

Who will be this Year’s Tour De France Winner?

Tour de France riders

While we’ve had some great past champions it is yet to be determined who this year’s Tour de France champion will be. To get updates in real time follow Tour de France on Twitter.

Picking up a Pair of Cycling Glasses?

If you’re planning your own two wheel adventure, perhaps inspired by the greats of the Tour de France, it is worth considering which kind of glasses will be suitable for you.

1. Widescreen Lenses

Whether your route requires a quick decent on the french alps or sprint around the find turn, wide and uninterpreted vision will greatly help improve both safety and performance. Wraparound sunglasses with widescreen lenses increase your vision in the periphery, allowing you to keep an eye on the competition and road ahead.

Rider wearing helmet and sunglasses with widescreen lenses.

Increase the view of the road with widescreen lenses.


2. Impact Resistance

Sometimes the unexpected does happen. Be sure to choose lenses with high impact resistance to keep your lenses intact should you encounter any slips, spills or otherwise end up on less than two wheels. Consider polycarbonate lenses which are 10 times stronger than glass.

Sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses are shatter resistant.

Sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses are shatter resistant.

3. Polarised

Surfaces such as pavement, cement and certain environments can reflect sunlight impairing vision and potentially harming your eyes. Polarised lenses decrease the amount of glare from surfaces for enhanced vision.

Sunglasses with ventilation

Polarised sunglasses with ventilation.

4. Ventilation

Intense sports such as cycling can create immense amounts of heat and sweat which can cloud rider’s vision. Look for frames or lenses than include ventilation to keep you glasses from fogging up during your ride.

Cycling glasses with ventilation

Lenses with ventilation. Reduces fogging and moisture.

5. Rubber Nose Grips

Thankfully, cycling is a sport that requires riders to conquer a wide range of terrain, including up and down hill, rough patches and straights. With any level of intensity riders will likely generate a level of facial sweat. This makes quality nose grips essential to keeping your frames during your ride.

Sunglasses with rubber nose grips

Nose grips help keep your frames secure while riding.


Finding your Sunglasses

Looking for the gear mentioned in this article? Find our range of cycling glasses on VisionDirect.

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