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Eyewear to shop if you’re in the mood for an impulse buy
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Eyewear to shop if you’re in the mood for an impulse buy

Eyewear to shop if you’re in the mood for an impulse buy

There’s nothing sadder than the end of summer. Sunny days and lazy ways are soon to come to an end. The last thing we want is for you to be sad though, which is why we’ve put together a cheeky little list of some great deals that we have running right now, so you can indulge in a little impulse buy. It’s our present to you, to tell you that although summer might be slowly fading, there’s still plenty to be happy about!

We’ve picked some of our favourite frames for you to splurge on and give yourself that little high-five you deserve.


Vera Wang

shop now for $311.95


These beauties are on 49% sale right now, knocking them under the $100 mark. An ageless style that makes the top ten of “signature frames shapes throughout time” lists, time after time. Treating yourself to a pair of these means you’ll never be out of style. If you think about it, it’s more than an impulse buy really, it’s an investment.


Tommy Hilfiger

shop now for $76

Tommy Hilfiger is a household name. You can’t go wrong really. These frames are hand-made from acetate and the internal/external frame color contrast adds an extra something to your look without even having to try. And all for under $90! If you ever wanted a guiltless splurge, then this is it.




shop now for $193

These frames are not our best sellers for nothing. Persol is name you wear when you want to present your ‘urban-cool’ side to the world (if you have one. If you don’t, then these glasses will be the beginning of your new urban-cool adventure!). The frame shape and Havana color palate are hot on trend, so buy them immediately and wear them until the world ends. It’s our tip to you.

Ray Ban

shop now for $153

Metal frames are in right now, and needless to say, Ray Ban is ALWAYS in. From the pioneers of glasses design, this pair of frames are the last word in old school style. Think 60s style and laid back vibes. Take it from us, these are a risk free impulse buy. Just go on and enjoy yourself!



shop now for $206

High performance eyewear for high performance humans. If you want results, you want Oakley. Get yourself a pair and understand the difference.

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