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5 Ways Sunglasses Save You Face
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5 Ways Sunglasses Save You Face

5 Ways Sunglasses Save You Face

5 Ways Sunglasses Save You Face

Alright, we know sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun and all, but we should appreciate them for their other uses too. Because hey, we know there are other reasons you may want to shield your eyes from the cruel, bright world out there. Like when you’re massively hungover from mixing those jager bombs and tequila shots from last night, or when you’re trying to avoid talking to your ex when they just happen to be sitting outside your favourite coffee shop…

But good news, sunglasses are here to save the day! Here are five ways sunglasses save you face daily.

1) When you’re hungover

Just grab some water, pop in an Advil or two, throw on your sunnies and brave the day. Somehow, by wearing them you will look at least 50% more put together than if you were without them. Don’t even worry about taking them off when you’re inside. Just wear them all day, act like you know what you’re doing and no one will suspect a thing.

2) When you’re zoning out in class or at work

You may even be sleeping, but who will know? Sunglasses are the perfect way to look like you’re paying attention to reality, but you’re actually enjoying whatever is going on in your mind more.

3) When you see a cutie walk by

Alright, no shame here. We all know it happens. A cute guy or girl walks by and you’re just blown away by how attractive they are. It’s great and all to appreciate natural beauty but if you are wearing sunglasses, your staring will probably seem a lot less creepy.

4) When your eyes are absolutely bloodshot

Giving a presentation? Morning meetings to attend? A dozen World Leaders to entertain? Just be chill, put on your favourite sunnies and have some fun with it!

5) When you run into your ex

So you see your ex talking with their new partner outside your favourite coffee shop, but you NEED that caffeine fix to make it through the rest of the day. Easy – just throw on your sunglasses and strut your stuff through that front door like you don’t even see them (don’t worry, the sunglasses will hide your anguish and tears).

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