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5 sexiest sunglasses trends to start buying this spring
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5 sexiest sunglasses trends to start buying this spring

5 sexiest sunglasses trends to start buying this spring

The most glittering events of the year in every major fashion capital have finally drawn to a close, and they’ve left us all in fashion withdrawal! From Paris, to New York, London, and Milan, there have been stunning re-imaginings of classic styles and re-awakenings of trends we thought were dead and down. As far as glasses go, there were some serious new designs that made us sit up and take notice. Suddenly the glasses we have knocking around in our bags don’t seem to cut it anymore. Sunglasses trends are on the move. Take a look at the fabulous new trends that have been throwing shade all over our old shades.

Coloured lenses

If one thing came through loud and clear this year, it’s that coloured lenses are back with a bang. A new twist on the famous 90’s craze, you can go with any colour you like as long as it’s bold, and makes a statement about your personal style.

Anything goes, from these vibrant red aviators from Ashish Gupta at London Fashion Week, that are all about being as loud and fabulous as you can, through to the hot yellow shades from Christian Dior in Paris. Take this as a great opportunity to really tune into a style that says something about you.

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Try these stunning Sunday Somewhere green lensed shades.

       Teensy Glasses

Another inspiration from the beloved 90’s! Teeny specs have been making a slow come back for a while now. We’ve seen celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian sporting them in public recently… and we have to say, we love them!

This trend has now been set in stone. With designers like Prabal Gurung and his blue tinted numbers, working them into their collections, this is the hottest new trend in glasses for years. Cat-eye or rectangular frame shapes are totally back with this trend. The flicked up cat-eye lens adds a certain 1920’s quirkiness to your style, whereas the stronger rectangular frames make for more of a 90’s vibe.

Plus, the tinier the specs, the more room in your bag for two or three pairs! Right?!

Want to get the look?

Try these sexy little Stella McCartney’s.


Irregular shapes

Anything goes, and you are now free to rock whatever frames get you going. Take a little inspiration from Dolce & Gabanna’s incredible jewel embellished creations and have a little fun. The sky is the limit so why not go a little off the wall? Erdem’s exaggerated cat eye frames were a breath-taking addition to his collection. He made it clear that this iconic shape is going to be big this spring. In fact Erdem wasn’t the only one who embraced the iconic frame shape. The cat-eye was a theme that ran through all fashion weeks this year, so get your hands on a pair soon.

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Grab a pair of these octagonal eye catchers from Chloe

The Matrix IS reloaded

We knew Neo wouldn’t be gone forever, and it looks like this year is his year to shine… again. Tiny glasses are given a matrix makeover; sharp rectangle frames and black lenses are teamed with severe lines. This, with the newly reinstated slicked back ponytail, create a crisp no-nonsense look that you can ride all the way to corporate success. Or when you win the war against the machines. Alexander Wang lead the field at New York Fashion Week with his fabulous collection. This one of our favourite new sunglasses trends of 2018 so far.

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Get yourself a pair of these awesome and affordable Quay Australia shades.

Bling is so back

Moschino’s Jackie Kennedy parade was music to my eyes. The stand out shades in a range of colours, including the fabulous evening wear pair bedecked in dazzling bling, found their way to my heart straight away. Miu Miu’s dazzling micro shades were also a firm favourite. With this added extra flair, sunglasses have got a bit of an ‘evening formal’ makeover. And it’s fabulous. Get involved in a little sparkle this spring and really be a part of the new best new sunglasses trends.

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Maybe you could fork out for these delicious Gucci statement pieces.

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