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GIFs: 10 Ways to Lose your Glasses

GIFs: 10 Ways to Lose your Glasses

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10 Ways To Lose Your Glasses

All glasses wearers know the struggles.

1) Gymnastics

You try and try, but sometimes you just fall on your face.

2) Cat Attacks

And other times your cat just decides to throw stuff at you.

3) Spell Battle

Maybe one day on the street you’ll get into a crazy spell battle and they’ll go right for your face.

Harry Potter Wizard Battle

4) Mega sneeze

Or maybe you’ll sneeze so hard they just fly right off.

Captain Hook Sneeze Peter Pan

5) Crunched

Then there are those times when we accidentally step on them…

6) Monster

Or, when a monster just decides to take them so you can’t see a thing.

Velma Scooby Doo Loses Glasses

7) Friday Night

Other times you just want to have some fun but get a little too crazy…

Katy Perry Last Friday Night Gif

8) Spontaneous Combustion

And then you feel like bursting into flames when finally you remember what you did last night.

The Incredibles Spontaneous Combustion

9) Cardio

Exercise will help you feel better, but maybe take your glasses off beforehand in case this happens.

10) Roller coaster

And don’t even think about going upside down on that roller coaster ride.

Glasses Roller coaster Fail

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