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10 Things All Contact Lens Wearers Know To Be True
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10 Things All Contact Lens Wearers Know To Be True

10 Things All Contact Lens Wearers Know To Be True

There are some things in life that are just unavoidable. Other things are avoidable but most of the time we just seem to always walk into them. Wearing contact lenses is a minefield of such situations. It’s a constant struggle between choosing what is right and what is easy (look at me getting all Dumbledore). We celebrate you contact lens wearers for dealing with daily struggles that the rest of the world just don’t notice.

1)      Waking up in the morning thinking your vision has been restored. Then realizing you’ve still got your contacts in.

Laser eye GIF

It’s a miracle, all your prayers have been and…oh wait a minute. Contacts are still in. For that split second though, it’s best feeling in the world …until you realise your eyes are painfully dry.

2)      Mixed feelings on wearing contacts for 30 days straight.

Eye Melting

I’m sure you have a friend of a friend of a friend who wore her contacts too long and her eyes ended up melting. URBAN MYTH. Extended wear lenses are called extended wear for a reason. Thank you Silicone Hydrogel (but remember, basic hygiene is not optional and you should always keep your eyes clean and healthy).

3)      The first time you put them in is never fun.

Can't walk

Nearly there, oh, so close, OH. It’s on the floor. The first time is never easy, especially with the optician breathing down your neck. Even after that it’s a mission. But as with all things it gets easier the more we do it.

4)      People’s reactions when you have a ‘glasses day’.


No matter how hard you try, there’s always the inevitable glasses day. Maybe your lenses ran out, maybe you just couldn’t be bothered to put them in. Either way, you’ve got a day of ‘Oh, I never knew that you wore glasses’ to look forward to.

5)      Losing your contact lens. IN YOUR OWN EYE!

My Eyes

First thought: Panic! Second thought: Panic more! But be sure to calm down. The worst thing to do is to use excessive force to try and get it out. Stay calm and if all else fails, go to the doctor.

6)     Haters hating on you taking out your lenses!

Taking out contact lens

Oh, my eye problems are gross to you? Let’s just make sure I take them out even closer to your face next time.

7)      You always run out of contact lenses!


You somehow managed to forget to buy contact lenses. For the 11th time this year. Well never forget again. VisionDirect will email you to tell you when it’s time to re-order. Look how nice we are.

8)      Spending the night somewhere without contact lens solution.

Panic Eat

You’ve decided to have an impromptu sleepover with a friend or something equally as innocent. Only problem is you need to take out your contacts but there’s no solution. ‘It’s fine, I can just put them in my mouth. I’ll breath through my nose!’ Anything to make sure they don’t dry out right?

9)      When your lens dries up mid night-out and everyone assumes you’re drunk


Your eyes begin to hurt and your vision begins to blur. You’re walking around trying to find your friends and the bouncers come over to kick you out for being too drunk. Sometimes life is cruel.

10)   Wearing the contact lens inside out.


You’re beginning to wish that you’d spent an extra 10 minutes making sure that your contact lenses were in correctly this morning. Instead you’re spending the day looking like one of those creepy dolls that blinks when she moves. The best way to make sure your lens is in the right way is to ensure that when it’s on your finger, it looks like a cup and not a UFO.

Hopefully that cheered up your contact lens wearing day. If you’re not a wearer, be thankful. Just kidding. Contact lenses really do make life easier and they’re especially useful for playing sports or just general life. For some great prices on Contact Lenses, head on over to the VisionDirect website.

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