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Shade Yourself Australia

Shade Yourself Australia

Luckily not all of us are facing the chill this season. While some of us in the Northern Hemisphere are making sure we’re equipped with the best winter coats and preparing ourselves (mentally and physically) to face a harsh winter – Australia is ready for the summer! Not only do these dreamy summer days come with a good amount of sun, refreshing cocktails and easy-breezy clothes – you get to pull out your favourite pair of sunglasses again (finally!). So, with summer around the corner, what kind of styles, trends and should you be wearing?

Let’s talk protection

What’s worse than getting a horrible sunburn after a good day at the beach? Extensive eye damage due to not wearing sunglasses. Yes, you heard me. Did you know that after 2 hours of exposure to the sun without sunglasses you can get an inflammation of the cornea (the membrane that lines the inside of the eyelids and eye socket), which can be very painful? This is also called Photokeratitis.

Melanoma is most frequent malignant cancer of the eyeball and also requires surgical removal. I know this sounds really depressing and sad to have (which is why we are informing you on this), but hopefully, you won’t need to worry about such. So if you have never worn sunglasses and weren’t ever planning to– you should rethink that!

Want to know more about eyewear and sun protection in general? Check out our optical centre for general info.

Trends, Trends, Trends

Whoever said that trendy sunglasses are not of high quality or that quality sunglasses are not stylish? Well, whoever told you that is wrong.

Firstly, we are living in the 21st century, in which old school doesn’t necessarily mean “uncool”. From classic styles such as Aviators, Wayfarers and Round Glasses models, they have now been given a more modern aesthetic. What I mean with that, is that new modern characteristics have been combined with classic styles. In addition, this season we will see some futuristic shapes such as hexagonal and mirrored lenses.

Stay close to your roots

There are so many sunglasses brands out there nowadays, but which is the best for you? Not only is it important to get a pair of sunnies that look good on you, it is just as important to get a pair that actually protects you from the strong rays of sunshine (yes, I know I have said this so many times). Well, luckily for you Aussies out there, there are enough Australian (and other brands) who are killing it momentarily in the sunglass game. So, here we go; five brands that will give you all the summer vibes.

The infamous Quay Australia

Aussie brand Quay Australia has been killing it the past few years. Wanna know why? Well, they make fashionable glasses for a decent price and quality. Not bad. Definitely not bad. Check out these two models – the KITTI (left) &  LICKETY (right)

Liking the fashion-forward styles? Shop more Quay Australia here.

The (not so French) Le Specs

Ever thought this brand was French? Well, same! As a matter of fact, this brand was established in Australia back in 1979 by French expats living in Australia. Fusing the french European vibes with the Australian summer feels is something we’re definitely into.  Feeling the round sunglasses? Well, video killed the Radio StarPictures came and broke your heart. No, we meant the sunglasses on the left and not The Buggles song. On the right side, we have the Nero sunglasses, in case you weren’t ready to ditch the black sunnies just yet.


Our in-house brand LMNT

LMNT is our newest in-house brand that sells a wide range of sunglasses models and is one of the most up-to-date brands out there. One of the most space and futuristic inspired one is the Rocco (left) sunglasses, which are also polarized and have mirrored lenses. Can you be trendier? Well – maybe! Going for the vintage look with a modern twist to it? Check out the Angelika LMNT glasses (right).


Shake it like a Polaroid

Ahhhh, the classic brand. Polaroid, known for its cameras is also a trusted eyewear brand. Not only do they provide topnotch sunglasses and quality, they are sold for a reasonable price too. Looking for a wayfarer model? The PLD 1012/S will do just that for you (left). Want to go for round sunnies? Check the PLD 1013/S.


Say what? Oh my Woodness!

Nothing represents the chill island life aesthetic more than sunglasses made from wood. Real wood. In case you were going for that look (which is super rad), then you should not forget to get out our entire wood collection Oh my Woodness! Our favourites from our collection are definitely the round glasses, called Jasper (left). If street meets beach is more your thing, go for the Kruger (right).


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