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Empire Avenue Share their tips on the Best Surfing Spots
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Empire Avenue Share their tips on the Best Surfing Spots

Empire Avenue Share their tips on the Best Surfing Spots

Australia is renowned around the world for its sun-drenched beaches. Being one huge island (and a bunch of small ones as well) there is such a ridiculous amount of coastline that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when looking for a nook that suits your summer needs. So, we put together this guide to what we think are the sunburnt country’s best all-round spots that offer surf, sunbathing, perhaps a little perv action and sometimes such much needed escape from the holiday masses.

As always there’s going to be some controversy here. Some people will read this and cry foul, thinking that their own local is the true nipple on Australia’s bronzed beach tits. If you’re convinced there’s a spot that’s more worthy of recognition, don’t be shy and comment below. Or, keep it to yourself so that dreamy stretch of sand stays just how you like it.

Here’s our picks:

#1 Treachery

Some surfers will also know this spot as Yagon, which is Aboriginal for “fucking awesome beach”. This somewhat secluded spot in NSW is heaven on Earth. It sits over of a sand dune behind probably the best camp ground in Australia. In summer, it’s sheltered from the prevailing Northerly, offers great waves, isn’t too crowded and is about as picturesque as you can get. The name Treachery doesn’t come without reason though. The beach is not patrolled by Lifesavers, currents can be strong, and a few big fish with teeth tend to swim in the holes around the back of this beach. So, stay alert when your feet are dangling into the unknown deep of the Pacific.


Photo credit: Phillie Casablanca / Visual hunt / CC BY


#2 Yallingup

White sand, crystal-clear water in a safe lagoon and surf on the outside reef. When you drive down the hill towards Yallingup I swear your shoulders drop two inches and the sound of angels singing fills your ears. If you’re a surfer, you’ll want to get in early since the sea breeze kicks in around 11am most mornings in summer. This breeze offers much needed relief from the scorching temps in Western Australia. Yallingup is a great place for families, with plenty of other activities on offer in the area, like wineries, breweries and caving for the more adventurous folk. I tend to find it hard to get past the breweries.


Photo Credit Tim Hawken


#3 Double Island Point

Known to locals as DI, this beach is only accessible by boat, or by 4WDing along the beach. Getting there is half the fun. When you do make it, you’re greeted by two different beaches on either side of a peninsula, which means that in most wind directions it’s offshore. There’s often dolphins and turtles in the water, which is super cool to see. It’s well worth climbing the headland here and taking in the spectacular view. The lighthouse keeper is more than happy to have a chat about the history of the place and regale you with tales of stormy seas and mermaids. Oh, and on it’s day, this place has one of the longest, most perfect right hand barrels you’ll find anywhere on the planet. Yeah, DI is pretty good.


Photo credit:texaus1 / Visualhunt / CC BY


#4 Bicheno

More of an area than a single beach. Bicheno is a hidden gem on the East Coast of Tasmania. Aussies reading this will be like, Tasmania? WTF? That joint is freezing! But, that’s only by Australian standards. If you’re a Euro you’d probably bust out your mankini here mid Winter when the average temp is 15 degrees celsius. Mid-summer temperatures on land range from an average 21 degrees right up to maximums of high 30s. Wineglass Bay in the nearby Freycinet National Park is for my money one of the prettiest beaches in the country. Plus there’s hardly anyone there, ever. There are some amazing uncrowded waves to be had along this whole stretch and to cap things off there’s a Fairy Penguin Parade every night at dusk. Do yourself a favour and put it on your schedule.


Photo credit: DiveKarma / Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA
# 5 Bondi

Yeah we know. Bondi is a tourist trap. But, it’s also the most iconic beach in Oz and you can’t make a top 5 list without giving it a run. While it’s very crowded, there can be fun surf, the sea baths on the southern end are a must to check out and there’s also a pretty sweet skate bowl right on the sand’s edge. It’s also a pervert’s wonderland, with bodies of all shapes and sizes getting around in next to nothing. It’s not uncommon to see supermodels of both sexes frolicking in the waters. You need your head read if this is the only beach you visit while you’re in the country, but it’s a place most people should tick off at least once. In lieu of Bondi, the Byron Bay area is another famous destination that deserves every bit of the praise it gets. It can be a circus, but it is stunning (and tropical). Yup, I totally just cheated putting another destination into a top 5, but think of it like a ‘20% extra free’ can of beer that’s bigger than it has any right to be, yet is still on the money with good taste.


Photo credit: Linh_rOm / Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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