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Beat magazine shares their 5 Musicians to Keep an Eye out for this Summer
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Beat magazine shares their 5 Musicians to Keep an Eye out for this Summer

Beat magazine shares their 5 Musicians to Keep an Eye out for this Summer

VisionDirect teamed up with Beat Magazine to make sure that your summer playlist is unbeatable. Beat Magazine is one of Australia’s largest and most iconic music streetpress publications, and for over 29 years, has been the number one go-to-guide for all things music, arts and culture in Melbourne and beyond. They’ve given us their exclusive list of 5 artists to binge on all summer long. 


Melbourne four-piece Jaala, fronted by enigmatic vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Cosima Jaala (who’s renowned across town as the effervescent frontwoman of Manglewurzel) deliver an extraverted blend of indie rock goodness and abstract art pop. Hanging out in the same circles as international crowd pleasers Hiatus Kaiyote, Jaala were already touted as ‘one’s to watch’ after their spectacular BIGSOUND showcases, well before the release of their debut album Hard Hold. Jaala’s first single and title track Salt Shaker is available now and is worthy of a listen. Stick this one on your summer playlist; Jaala are going to be big.


Waves of people throughout the music industry will simply not stop talking about Harts, and it’s easy to see why. The one-man band has been shredding his way across Australian and international waters for some time now thanks to his freakishly virtuosic guitar playing, and he’s been clocking up a glittering list of accolades –  and a new legion of fans – left, right and centre. The dude can shred like the best of them – think Jimi Hendrix mixed with some Prince and you’re on the right track. Harts is undoubtedly one of the best up-and-coming artists in the country, and is one to watch.


Singer, producer and fashionista extraordinaire Martha Brown, AKA Banoffee, is the cream of the Melbourne underground synth pop scene. With an ability to seamlessly integrate slinky synths with cool R&B inspired vocals and reflective lyricism, Banoffee has garnered a loyal following for her unique brand of contemporary pop. She’s recently released her latest EP, Do I Make You Nervous? to major acclaim, and with such an exceptional amount of talent oozing from her pores, our resounding answer is yes. Banoffee makes us very nervous.


ScotDrakula album Photo 1
Easily one of Melbourne’s best underground lo-fi garage bands on the scene (with one of the best band names going around, just saying), ScotDrakula are turning heads across the country thanks to their blistering live sets and their impeccable barrage of tasty-as-hell riffs, ’60s inspired throwbacks and jangly garage surf rock tunes, which has lead them to supporting international artists like Mac DeMarco and White Lung. The band released their debut record in 2014 and if you’re yet to have a listen, it’s about time you jump on board the ScotDrakula train before it departs.


city calm down

City Calm Down first emerged on the scene back in 2012 with the release of their EP Movements, which caught the attention of anyone lucky enough to cross their path. We waited for what felt like an eternity for the  release of their debut album In A Restless House, and once the record finally dropped, we were astonished by its unquestionable complexity and intoxicating soundscapes. In A Restless House is a leap from the synth pop numbers found on Movements, and boy, is it a killer debut. It’s filled with deeply introspective stuff, and paired with frontman Jack Bourke’s inimitable baritone, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing these guys play huge stadiums across the country in no time. Pick up the album and devour.



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