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Woody’s Barcelona Holy-Wood Collection: Where Past Meets Present
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Woody’s Barcelona Holy-Wood Collection: Where Past Meets Present

Woody’s Barcelona Holy-Wood Collection: Where Past Meets Present

Woody’s Barcelona, a premium brand of sunglasses who specialise in making wooden glasses, has always been known for their quality and design, and this is incredibly apparent in their Holy-Wood Collection. The collection is extremely unique because every style combines vintage characteristics (inspired from classic cinema) with modern extravagance. Coming in a multitude of unique shapes and styles, it would be an impossibility to not find a pair that you love.



My personal favorite in the collection, the Monroe, has a simplistic yet bold design that would suit any woman. These sunnies pair well with many outfits. Wearing the Monroe truly radiate audaciousness, much like the glasses’ namesake.

Limited Edition Monroe


                                                                          Fear is stupid. So are regrets. – Marilyn Monroe

The Limited Edition Monroe not only ooze confidence like the regular Monroe glasses, but they also show carefreeness with the multi coloured lenses. These glasses will truly demonstrate the daring yet lighthearted side of you.



The Panos’ has a stylish design with a variety of great colours. With the round frames and coloured lenses, these shades would look on point at a music festival or just a casual summer’s day out.



The Nicholson has a very distinctive look which will absolutely make you stand out from a crowd. With in-fashion oval frames, the Nicholson has everything a pair of sunglasses needs to make you look fabulous.



The Dean is also a pair of glasses that are incredibly trendy today as they include elements of vintage eyewear. Coming in various patterns and sizes, these half-rimmed glasses would look perfect on hipsters.

To find the full collection, head over to our site! Also view our entire Woody’s Barcelona collection!

Pictures from: Woody’s Barcelona

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