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Our Top Picks: Carrera Sunglasses

Our Top Picks: Carrera Sunglasses

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Carrera Sunglasses Top Picks

Carrera sunglasses is one of those sunglasses brands that have been around for many, many years. However, they have never been out of style. The brand is constantly re-imagining its designs, giving options for the new generations without ever losing the fiery spirit they’ve carried since their beginnings when their founder, inspired by car races, decided to start the sunglasses line.  Even after 57 years, Carrera still is one of the hippest choices for sunglasses, and we’ve recently seen young stars like Rita Ora, Cara DeLevingne, rapper Nas, and many more wearing the coveted shades.

Carrera offers many models and has an option for everyone, but we have chosen our current favorites in all the trendy styles of the season: round sunglasses like the Carrera 6008, retro inspired sunnies like the Carrera 6002, the Champion and the Carrera 80 in the classic pilot style, and the always popular square style as in the colorful Carrera 5001 and the Carrera 6000. Which one is your favorite?

1.Carrera 6008                   2.Carrera 6002                   3.Carrera 80

4.Carrera 6000                   5.Carrera 5001                   6.Carrera Champion

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