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The Most Random Eyewear Ever
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The Most Random Eyewear Ever

The Most Random Eyewear Ever

Your accessories are the final pieces in your style coming together. They’re commonly the things that bring an outfit together or make you look like a hot mess. Eyewear, sunglasses or glasses, are the final piece that is accessorised but usually are the items that are picked with most care. Both are typically an investment piece and people like to pick something that goes with the majority of their outfits. But sometimes people like to throw the rule-book in the bin and create something that’s completely out there and a little bit random. We’ve put together some of the most random pieces of eyewear that can be found and maybe you’ll want to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Although we’re guessing you probably won’t. Lady Gaga ain’t got nothing on these:

Pierced Bridge Frameless Glasses


These are more than a little gross. In case you can’t see from the photos, these glasses are margnetically attached to two pieces of metal that are pierced into the bridge of your nose. Thankfully, the trend hasn’t caught on just yet but still, it would be weird to be talking to someone then suddenly realise that their glasses are actually attached to their nose.

Chopstick Glasses


I think these are hilarious and wish I could find some as funny gifts. I mean, how many times have you gone for Chinese food and forgotten your chopsticks. Yeah, zero. So why anyone would really need a pair of glasses that have chopsticks built in is a little beyond me, but I think they’d make a great joke birthday gift. Mine’s in January if anybody fancies getting me them.

Linda Farrow Beak Sunglasses


Linda Farrow is one of the most notorious luxury eyewear brands and celebs love to rock the eyewear. Originally a huge player in th 70’s and 80’s, the brand has enjoyed a revival of late. These bizarre sunglasses were a 2007 brainwave that might be fashionable to some, but are just plain creepy to me. Seriously, they look like they should be featured in a Batman remake.

Slanties Sunglasses


Modern times have brought about some amazing lens technology, but some people just want to live in the past. These sunglasses are based on designs used by Inuits in the past and are just a piece of wood with a hole in. Oh, and that peice of wood with a hole in will cost you $75. The racist name is enough to make you hate them anyway. Thankfully, there’s a chance that the entire thing was a practical joke but the images are still out there for you to see.

YURI sunglasses Mykita


Sadly these sunglasses aren’t a practical joke and if they were, the’d be the most expensive practical joke ever. Coming in at a whopping $800. These have been seen on the faces of Lady Gaga and a few other celebs wanting to appear edgy. Given the fact that they actually don’t really protect your eyes, they’re a little pointless and you might as well just paint your forehead red. Or whatever colour you want.

If you want to make sure that you don’t look like you’ve just walked unto a joke shop, rolled around and walked out with anything random on your face, be sure to pick a pair of designer sunglasses or designer glasses from the VisionDirect website. Totes not random.


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