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SPY Goggles: Doom & Bravo with Lock Steady™ lens
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SPY Goggles: Doom & Bravo with Lock Steady™ lens

SPY Goggles: Doom & Bravo with Lock Steady™ lens

Gear up for the slopes with a pair of SPY Goggles: Doom or Bravo, which one you prefer?

These two models are famous for their Lock Steady lens system which allows you to quickly switch out lenses at the touch of a button. Yep – that means no need to worry about changing weather conditions or fingerprint smudging.

Don’t believe me? Check out the video below to see for yourself. Just a heads up, it’s a bit… strange. We appreciate your creativity SPY but what were you thinking with this one?

SPY optics released the Doom model first, which features a wide, rim-less lens face for maximum peripheral vision. The model became so popular that SPY decided to create the Bravo, which has the same lens technology as the Doom but is slightly smaller. SPY wanted to create a model that was more suitable for petite face types, like for younger riders and women, and that’s where the Bravo comes in.

Both the Doom and Bravo models have the Lock Steady feature so that you can quickly switch out you lenses at the touch of a button. Both models compliment SPY optics Happy Lens.

SPY Goggles Doom

spy doom lock steadyCheck out the SPY Doom and 16 other colour options. And see the SPY Doom in action

SPY Goggles Bravo

spy bravo lock steady
Check out the SPY Bravo and 8 other colour combinations.

shreddin’ bearadise. #spybravo

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If you love to spend your days on the slopes and in the snow, you need to have a go-to pair of goggles suitable for any weather conditions. SPY has some of the best lens technology and SmartBuyGlasses has all of the latest models. Grab a pair and get out there!

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