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Rick Ross ft. Cazal face tattoo
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Rick Ross ft. Cazal face tattoo

Rick Ross ft. Cazal face tattoo

Love Cazal? Not as much as Rick Ross does. He has a Cazal face tattoo to prove it. Seriously, he has a tattoo of the Cazal logo on his face now. Talk about eyewear…

Just before his 39th birthday Rick Ross decided to get a number of of face tattoos, one of them being Cazal eyewear’s logo just beneath his left eye.

It’s long been known that he is a big fan of Cazal but is a he a big enough fan to get the brand name indelibly and permanently inked onto his face? Would that be an appropriate way to proclaim and showcase his love for the brand? Evidently, yes.

Perhaps he just hated the idea of having to take his Cazal glasses off to go to bed or have a shower or whatever else. He found a solution though, now he has Cazal on his face all the time! Forever. Forever ever.

Maybe he got a lifetime supply of Cazal sunglasses for the endorsement, which almost justifies the act considering they come at around $300-$500 a pop. Almost. We love Cazal at Vision Direct, but there is a limit.

We know that there are plenty of things that don’t stick to the Teflon Don of things, although tattoo has proven to be one of the elusive few. At least he can cover it up with some Cazal Eyewear


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