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Ray-Ban Wayfarer Cosmo Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Cosmo Sunglasses

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Ray-Ban® Wayfarer® sunglasses are arguably the most recognizable and popular sunglasses on earth. So it was only expected that for the latest move from the fresh-thinking brand, they took their thoughts to another world. Ray-Ban® Wayfarer® Cosmo sunglasses are truly out of this world, making use of unusual design and materials to create something extra-terrestrial.

Ray-Ban Cosmo

Sunnies that are out of this world

The latest Ray-Ban® collection to land features a unique iridescent frame that changes colour right before your eyes, effortlessly flowing from one finish to another. The collection is named after planets in the solar system; Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter.
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Ok, so all poorly formed solar system/space themed jokes aside, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Cosmo collection are some of the first sunglasses to feature this unusual iridescent material as well as featuring the super-stylish mirrored lens. Ray-Ban has a knack for producing the hottest eyewear on earth so I’m sure that this latest range is sure to be a huge success all across the galaxy world (sorry, couldn’t help it).

You can check out the cool colour-changing effect in the GIFs below (don’t stare too long, it’s surprisingly hypnotising) and head over the Cosmo product page to read more details about these bad boys.

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