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Quiksilver: Polarised Sunglasses with Style
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Quiksilver: Polarised Sunglasses with Style

Quiksilver: Polarised Sunglasses with Style

An Athletic Brand from the Start: Quiksilver’s Journey to Sunglasses

If you look on Quiksilver’s Instagram page, you’ll be bombarded with images and videos of tan, lean surfers riding towering waves, or boys decked out in street brands skateboarding in concrete jungles. This is no surprise, as Quiksilver started in 1969 making boardshorts and athletic clothing. Originally marketed towards athletes, Quiksilver is now a fashionable, trustworthy brand around the globe. Today, the brand has even expanded into top of the line fashion and even polarised sunglasses, and the collection is brand new to SmartBuyGlasses!

“Quiksilver has combined function, fit, art and fashion to develop boardshorts and clothing for mountain and ocean lovers across the globe.” – Quiksilver

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Sports Sunglasses

Quiksilver offers some of the best sunglasses for men because we believe everything looks better in the sunshine.” -Quiksilver

Though Quiksilver has expanded its empire from exclusively athletic clothing, they still offer a variety of polarised sports sunglasses. These pairs are perfect for wearing during your favourite activity! Many of their wraparound style glasses have frames made of grilamid, an extremely sturdy crack- and stress-resistant material, and strong polycarbonate lenses, so they are sure to keep up with your lifestyle. Their polarised sunglasses also offer amazing UV protection so that you don’t have to fear spending time under the sun. Each pair is skillfully crafted for top quality and comfort, which makes Quiksilver sunglasses some of the best sports sunglasses!

Quiksilver EQYEY03012 XBBM Quiksilver EQYEY03030 XKKS


Leisure Sunglasses

Quiksilver official Instagram

Sunglasses should be an extension of your style, not a distraction from it. Quiksilver designs a range of sunglasses for men so that no matter what your style preference is, we have your eyes shaded.” -Quiksilver

If you’re looking for a more casual, everyday pair of sunglasses, Quiksilver has got you covered! The Quiksilver sunglasses collection includes a variety of popular styles, like aviator and wayfarer. These pairs, just like their sports sunglasses, are of optimal quality and comfort. They are crafted from a variety of materials like acetate, grilamid, and metal. Take a look at just a few of the large collection available on SmartBuyGlasses for a small peek at the variety!


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Quiksilver EQYEY03036 XSSG Quiksilver EQYEG03019 ABLK

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