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POC Sports: Innovators in Safety & Performance Eyewear
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POC Sports: Innovators in Safety & Performance Eyewear

POC Sports: Innovators in Safety & Performance Eyewear

POC Sports is a Swedish company with a focus on pioneering eyewear products that can potentially save lives and reduce the probability of accidents for cyclists and athletes.

Founded in 2005, POC Sports have introduced groundbreaking technologies which have improved safety for skiers and snow sports enthusiasts. Some of their most popular models including the 40035 Iris X model, has been widely acredited for reducing the impact of trauma to the brain in the event of a crash. POC has received over 40 prestigious international safety, design and business awards for their practical innovations.

POC Lobes

POC Lobes goggles

POC Lobes goggles

POC Retina

POC Retina goggles


POC Lid goggles

POC Lid goggles


Because of POC’s notable achievements, the brand quickly became widely known in the eyewear industry. However it was not until the 2006 Winter Olympics and the endorsement of American skier, Julia Mancuso, that the brand made a big break into commercial retail. Since then, POC Sports has become a highly successful and trusted brand and continues to apply their eyewear expertise and create products suitable for other professional sports such as snowboarding and mountain biking. Not only are their goggles and sports eyewear safe, but they also offer an amazing visual experience with both photochromatic and HCD (high chromatic) lenses for high contrast and increased sports performance, as well as integrated UV protection.

POC Cornea

POC Cornea goggles

POC Do Blade

POC Do Blade goggles

POC Do Flow

POC Do Flow goggles
POC Do Flow sunglasses


Some of our favourite goggle collections include the Lobes, Retina, Lid, and Cornea. Our favourite sports sunglasses models are the Do Blade and Do Flow.

You can check out more POC goggles and sports eyewear here at VisionDirect.

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