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Persol Galleria 900 Collection: Back From The 1940s
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Persol Galleria 900 Collection: Back From The 1940s

Persol Galleria 900 Collection: Back From The 1940s

“The inspiration for the models in the Galleria ‘900 collection comes from Persol’s1940s archive. Stylish, sophisticated designs and original acetates for distinctive, exclusive glasses. In Persol’s most authentic style, a perfect combination of craftsmanship and Italian design.”- Persol

Persol Galleria 900 Collection: Fresh Out of the 1940s Archive

You know how they say “Your past determines your present”. Well, this statement couldn’t be truer in the Persol Galleria 900 Collection. The collection is inspired by the 1940s designs and the results are stylish, classy and give you a taste of the time when celebrities were on an eyewear frenzy.

Persol is derived from “per il sole” which means “for the sun”. This shows their dedication to protecting our eyes from the sun and this new collection does just that and more in a classic stylish and classy way. The collection has retro style frames with a new refreshing touch to them that is hot this season. The Italian eyewear fashion brand has brought back this vintage style in a wide range of colour options. Each pair has many colours to choose from and all of them are exquisite.

The Persol Galleria 900 Collection consists of some of the brand’s finest works and it goes to show that some of the best ideas can withstand the test of time. Persol shows its style, craftsmanship, elegance, exclusivity and genius in this collection, which is some of the reasons why they are the empire they are today. The Persol Galleria 900 Collection has the PO3142V, PO3141V, PO3143V, PO3148S, PO3152S.


This pair is a classy, stylish men’s glasses that can be worn anywhere anytime. Whether it’s a casual chilled day or you are walking into a boardroom this pair can give you that elegant vibe. The frames also come in a variety of colors like the Grey, Yellow, and Tortoise.


This Unisex pair has that Italian style. They are also well suited for any event. There is a wide range of colours they come in including  Striped Brown Yellow and Black.



This is a men’s pair that can be an everyday pair for any event from just a weekend chill to the office. The wide range of colours that are signature to the Galleria 900 includes Striped Brown Grey, Havana, Striped Grey and Black.




Suitable for any style and day, this men’s pair is just the style you need this season. It comes in a wide range of colours as well including the Tortoise and the Striped Brown Grey.



This is the Striped Brown Grey men’s po3152s which also comes in the signature Persol Galleria 900 Collection colours Havana and Tortoise. The pair can be worn with a wide range of outfits like the rest of the collection. The pair is perfect for this summer.

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