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December’s Top Picks: Oakley Latch
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December’s Top Picks: Oakley Latch

December’s Top Picks: Oakley Latch

Oakley Latch

Oakley are synonymous with technological innovation and cutting-edge eyewear, offering a wide range of highly specialized products for a range of sports and activities. These advances cover every aspect of eyewear, from the lenses, to the grips and nose-pads. But in this case, it’s a completely new feature built into the temple hinge: the “latch”, which is a small clip for you to stash your shades on your t-shirt, collar or pocket once the sun goes down, keeping them safe and secure.

oakley latch
To create this new model, the Oakley Design crew teamed up with professional skateboarders Sean Malto, Curren Caples and Eric Koston, as well as renowned skateboarding photographer Atiba Jefferson. This was a new and unique experience for all of them, and the finished product can be called the first ever pair of sunglasses designed by skaters, for skaters. They’re a “tribute to the experimental and innovative mindset that exists in the skate community, with a nod to style and functionality, making it a piece that will transcend skateboarding.”

oakley latch skateboard
So what’s the result? The Oakley Latch are a pair of sleek, stylish, round sunglasses, with two basic varieties: those with polarized lenses, and those without. The polarized versions are available with matte black frames and bronze lenses, or matte grey ink frames and “sapphire blue iridium” lenses. The non-polarized versions are available in a much wider range of colours, meanwhile, from black to clear crystal frames, and lenses in grey, violet and emerald.

The Oakley Latch represents the third such collaborative effort between Oakley’s design team and outside sports experts, and forms part of their global campaign: “One Obsession”.

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