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Oakley Latch Flash Lenses

Oakley Latch Flash Lenses

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Your favourite Oakley sunglasses just got cooler and a lot more colourful.

Imagine Emerald Blue, Violet Iridium, Torch Grey, Jade Green, Sapphire Blue, Ruby Orange and Chrome Silver…

Now you can charge up your Oakley Latch sunglasses with new Flash lenses.

Where style meets functionality, Latch offers a fresh path from the trailblazers of style. Designed for skaters by skaters, Latch is what happens when creatives collaborate. Each pair has a convenient kick-up clip so you can keep your sunnies safe while you cruise.

Oakley Latch on shirt

Latch exists as a tribute to the experimental and innovative mindset that exists in the skate community, with a nod to style and functionality, making it a piece that will transcend skateboarding itself.

Oakley Emerald BlueOakley Violet IridiumOakley Jade Green
Oakley Ruby OrangeOakley Chrome SilverOakley Blue Sapphire

You can shop the Flash collection now at VisionDirect. Alternatively, you can see more Oakley and other Latch styles here.

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