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Oakley has Landed!
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Oakley has Landed!

Oakley has Landed!

It’s finally here! Oakley®, the go-to brand for extreme sports enthusiasts across the world, has landed at VisionDirect!

The Oakley story began in 1975 when founder and current CEO James Jannard began selling motorcycle grips out of the back of his car. These grips used a patented material, dubbed ‘Unobtainium’, and proved to be a huge hit with California’s fledgling motocross community.

Now, 40 years, 575 patents and 1100 trademarks later, Oakley continues to set the standard in performance apparel and accessories.

Oakley Shades

Best known of all Oakley products are their cutting edge sunglasses range. Unobtanium, Iridium, Plutonite: it sounds more like something you’d read in a comic book than the list of patented Oakley sunglasses materials, but it is precisely this creativity and imagination that has allowed Oakley to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Check out this epic commercial from the Oakley ‘One For All’ Campaign (2012)

Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

Just take a look the latest range of Oakley polarized sunglasses. With an industry leading polarization efficiency of 99%, along with their patented HDO (High Definition Optical®) Technology, these Oakley shades are the future of polarized eyewear, completely eliminating the problem of light distortion once and for all.

Oakley polarized sunglasses are created using a state-of-the-art infusion molding process that bonds their polarizing filters at a molecular level, thereby eliminating haze, a problem that only gets worse the more challenging the environment, and can mean the difference between landing on your feet to rapturous applause, or bailing in abject humiliation.

Skate and Snowboard pro Shaun White tells us what Oakley means to him

Beyond this, Oakley eyewear boasts the next generation of hydrophobic impact resistance technology, so no matter how extreme your lifestyle, your Oakley shades can handle whatever is thrown your way!


Elite athletes across disciplines swear by Oakley. Superstars including Rune Glifberg (Skate), Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (Ski), Ryan Villopoto (Moto), Eric Geiselman (Surf), and Shaun White (Snowboard) can be seen rocking Oakley gear as they kill it on the slopes, on the road, or in the waves. For us mere mortals, some Oakley shades may be just the thing you need to make that step up to the next level.

Cuts from last year’s Oakley Ski team shoot, featuring Alex Beaulieu-Marchand and Alex Schlopy amongst others.

If its versatility you are after, try the M2 FRAME polarized which come with state-of-the-art detachable lenses. The classic Oakley HOLBROOK and Oakley JUPITER SQUARED models are always a good shout, whilst the classic Oakley FROGSKINS arguably tops the lot. Perfect for some chilled out down-time between big waves, Oakley FROGSKINS were first manufactured in 1985, and have been a favourite ever since. Ski, Snow, Surf – whatever your bag, Oakley have got what you need!

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