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James Franco shows his love for Gucci sunglasses in new campaign

James Franco shows his love for Gucci sunglasses in new campaign

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James Franco Gucci Sunglasses
That’s right, we’re blogging about James Franco again. How can we not? It’s amazing to see how much the eccentric leading man has evolved since those early days, when he ran into Gucci at a party and was like “hey, maybe we could do something sometime?”.

Gucci was, of course, hesitant. Why, of all brands, would this Franco fellow be interested in theirs? “You’re kidding yourself”, Gucci said to itself, “he’s probably just using you to get a better deal with Calvin Klein”. But when that first text of Franco came in, saying “sup”, Gucci felt a pang in its heart it hadn’t felt in a long time. And it realized it shouldn’t worry about what Calvin Klein represented, as they were playing in the same league. If Gucci wanted Franco, it could have Franco.

The other brands shrugged it off as a fling, saying no relationship last longer than two collaborations. When there was a silence after the two worked together on both a fragrance campaign and the Made to Measure service, everyone assumed the worst.

Until there was “The Director”, a James Franco produced documentary on Gucci. “Doesn’t mean anything”, the other brands said, waiting for the right time to contact Franco, “he’s just in denial”. But then James Franco released¬†La Passione¬†, a short film he directed, as a homage to Gucci.

It had become apparent to everyone: Franco and Gucci’s love was, in fact, real. And so here we are, staring at a picture of Franco donning a pair of Gucci’s yet to be released Black Bamboo sunglasses. The 1970s style pilot sunglasses are set to go on sale in October, but the full campaign is going live in August. They just couldn’t wait.

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