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It started as a dream… Introducing AM Eyewear
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It started as a dream… Introducing AM Eyewear

It started as a dream… Introducing AM Eyewear

A mate and I once had a dream, of starting a sunglasses label and that was it” – Simon Ponnusamy.

Fast forward a few years later and here it is. Since it’s inception, AM Eyewear has emerged as one of the hippest eyewear brands, defying the norm and redefining what’s fashionable and what’s not. Join us as we explore the awe inspiring life of a brand which has made the jump from the suburbs of Sunny Hills… all the way to the big, bright lights of Hollywood.

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Super cool kids

Our glasses are for the nameless kid who, on a budget, creates a look far better than any celeb with their endless budget” – Simon Ponnusamy.

AM Eyewear’s most glamorous fans include Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Lenny Kravitz to name a few so whilst they’ve come a long way, the brand was initially inspired by the super trendy kid who looked great without trying. Think of cool cats like Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner – minus their bank account. am-eyewear-glasses-3  am-eyewear-glasses-11 am-eyewear-glasses-12 am-eyewear-glasses-13 am-eyewear-glasses-10

Attitude. Commitment. Quality.

In every pair is my heart, my soul, my hunger and almost my life” – Simon Ponnusamy.

It’s not only the envisioned wearer of AM Eyewear’s designs that went against the grain. Many an interview has revealed that Simon had no formal training in design and the journey was very much a learning process. To this day, he still sketches out his ideas using a simple pencil, feeling out the lines of the frames and allowing the design to develop naturally. “It’s more time consuming,” says Simon but, it’s also what he loves the most. am-eyewear-glasses am-eyewear-glasses

The Collections

A quick glance at the finer details of the AM sunglasses and eyeglasses collection reveals the charismatic Australian entrepreneur’s self-confessed, personal point of view. Each new collection is reflective of his many sources of inspiration – from his jet-set life on the road,  to champagne toasting with some of the world’s most high profile celebs, to his mum’s collection of vintage sunnies and photos from her heydays on the fashion scene.

AM Eyewear – Saint Collection

am-eyewear-glasses-5 am-eyewear-glasses-1 am-eyewear-glasses-3 am-eyewear-glasses-4 This limited edition features distinctly feminine shapes named after the dreamy locations of St. Barths, St Tropez and St. Lucia. Customizable in multiple colour variations, the capsule collection is reflective of the last three places Simon visited. Our favourite is the St. Lucia model. And what a splash! The ‘Midnight Blue‘ tone evokes the cool ocean waves drifting around your ankles or the gentle sea breeze sweeping just when you need it. It’s the ultimate calming hue and – peace and quiet when you need it –  in the sun, with no distractions. All you have to do is smile and wear the crown. am-eyewear-glasses-201

AM Eyewear – Salt on Skin Collection

AM Eyewear’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is a homage to all the elements you’d associate with the palpable feeling of summer and languid days spent under the warm glare of the sun. The collection is the coolest in the brand’s history and it looks like what started as an obsession with ‘old school’ frames, has since been refined into a love for luxury materials and ‘street style’ worthy designs. Flashes of gold, sleek black curves and dreamlike shades of sea blue are some of the finer elements of some models. am-eyewear-glasses-40 Snap up a pair of sunnies from the range and be a chic step ahead of this season’s eyewear trends.

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