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Garrett Leight – California Dreaming
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Garrett Leight – California Dreaming

Garrett Leight – California Dreaming

Straight out of sunny Southern California, Garrett Leight is out to bring some chilled-out West Coast vibes to your look this summer!

Founded in 2011 in Venice Beach, Garrett Leight California Optical is a brand with deep ties to the culture and lifestyle of the West Coast. Think sun, sea, and good times on the beach with your buddies.

Whilst Garrett Leight California Optical may be a new brand, its founder, despite being only 31, has some impressive eyewear pedigree. He is the son of Larry Leight, co-founder and creative director of Oliver Peoples eyewear, another iconic Californian brand.

Garrett Leight 2

Garrett Leight showing off his wares

With a love for quality eyewear running in the family, it’s no surprise that Leight was exposed to the all aspects of the industry from an early age, gaining a unique understanding of what people want from their shades: something to compliment their existing style, not overwhelm it.

So when Leight decided to strike out and build his own brand, he was certainly lucky to have the network and know-how at his disposal to make it a success, but Garrett Leight California Optical is far from a vanity project. The emphasis on quality materials and design is still there, but whilst Oliver Peoples looks towards a sophisticated, high-end set, Garrett Leight sunglasses have an altogether more laid-back audience in mind; more board shorts than boardroom.

Garret Leight 1Garret Leight 4

More importantly, Garrett Leight frames have a close attachment to the culture, values, and lifestyle of the Golden State, a tangible connection to the time and place that inspires their design.

From adding ‘California’ into the brand name, to naming individual products for the streets and boulevards of Venice Beach, this is a brand that has SoCal vibes written into its DNA. And whilst A-listers such as Bruno Mars and Kristen Stewart have been seen rocking Garrett Leight sunglasses, the brand itself collaborates closely with lesser known Californian musicians, artists and other creative people in order to tell its own story.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars funking it up with Garrett Leight shades.

For Garrett Leight, it is these lesser known stories, just as much as Hollywood or Silicon Valley, that shape California’s unique culture, and these are the stories he sets out to tell. The sincerity of this approach has made a real connection with fans, and Garrett Leight sunglasses continue to grow in popularity both in California and worldwide.

The Garrett Leight California Optical collection available at SmartBuyGlasses includes both sunglasses and eyeglasses. Popular models include the Brooks Polarized sunglasses with whiskey tortoise frames, as seen here on Bruno Mars, or the Kinney MBK/BLM frames, which are a great example of the brand’s ocean and beach themed eyewear. Most of Garrett Leight California Optical products are unisex, looking great on men or women. So before you plan your next trip to the beach, make sure to check out our collection of Garrett Leight sunglasses at VisionDirect, and bring some SoCal vibes to your summer outfit!

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