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GANT Eyewear
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GANT Eyewear

GANT Eyewear

A Legendary Fashion Label

Gant is one of those legendary fashion labels that have been dominating the industry for a long time. Gant was established in 1949 and they have been innovating the clothing industry. They have also been dominating the eyewear world with their stylish and yet simple style that is also evident in their shirts.

The Gant Eyewear is elegant, stylish and yet simple.

There are so many different styles to pick from the Gant Eyewear. The Eyeglasses and Sunglasses both have an elegant touch to them.

Gant revolutionized the world with their button down shirts and their instalment of a third button at the back of the collar to help hold the tie in place. These additions in the fashion industry helped cement their name as one of the top names in fashion. This standard of elegant and style is still evident in these beautifully designed sun and eyeglasses.


GA7041                                                                                                          GA7056



GA8038                                                                                                        GA8043



GA3106                                                                                                     GA4049



GA4055                                                                                                     GA4051

GA4055Gant Eyewear

These are just of the elegant GANT sun and eyeglasses, for more of these stylish glasses go to Vision Direct.

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