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Fendi Lei Collection 2017
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Fendi Lei Collection 2017

Fendi Lei Collection 2017

Under the guidance of creative giant Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi has become a powerhouse renowned for its vibrant graphic patterns and exuberant colours, and this season is no different. Their Resort 2017 collection also features the Lei eyewear collection, which perfect compliments the soft, romantic fabrics and strong graphic patterns of the clothes— watch the video below to see the Lei in action.

New Season, New Eyewear

Fendi’s new Lei collection embraces the modern vintage sensibility that is taking over the fashion world right now. A harkening back to the glamorous era of the roaring 20s, the Lei draws its stylistic choices from the art-deco movement that is so synonymous with that period. Think geometrical accents on the eye tips and a bolder, more exaggerated and more sharply defined cat-eye and square shape. Lens colours range from romantic muted shades of dusky pink, sombre green and grey blues that evoke the colour palate of vintage movies. The cat-eye Lei is a round, fluid circle that tapers sharply to a point at its highest part, capped with a triangular tip, whilst the square has soft, rounded edges and is elevated by its contrasting triangular tip. The Lei collection is retro but not outdated, with ultra-thin metal frames in varying shades of pink golds that give it a futuristic edge. The eyewear team at the luxury Italian brand took inspiration from the restrained elegance of origami to create a super flat, super matte look that instantly adds sophistication to any look.

Fendi FF 0190/S LEI

resort collection resort collection

resort collection  resort collection

Fendi FF 0191/S LEI

resort collection resort collection

resort collection    resort collection

The Lei eyeglasses are cat-eye shaped and have ultra-bright, rich jewel toned frames that would make a statement with any look.

resort collection resort collection

resort collection resort collection

Who’s Wearing It

The Lei has been welcomed with open arms by the fashion pack, with both round and square models being seen on everyone from @elisasednaoui to @pamallier. Dress your Fendi Lei up or down- add a touch of grown up chic to a pair of denim dungarees or a slouchy boy-jeans.

The versatility of this collection means you can take the Lei anywhere and everywhere with you, whether you’re at the beach or strolling around the city. Regardless of whether you have a round, oval, or square face, the Lei sunglasses’ oversized shape flatters just about everyone.

The Future is Fendi

The collection has taken a decidedly divergent path from the popular reflective/ mirror lens trend that has saturated just about every corner of the eyewear market, choosing instead to embrace a semi-opaque and super-matte finish. Its originality is what makes the Lei one of our favourite new sunglasses launches. Fendi are looking ahead to create new trends and innovations, leaving everyone else to follow what is ‘popular’.

Embrace your uniqueness with the Fendi Lei.

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