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Fendi Jungle Collection: Naturally Wild At Heart
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Fendi Jungle Collection: Naturally Wild At Heart

Fendi Jungle Collection: Naturally Wild At Heart

To quote the style inspiring fashion designer, Rachel Zoe :

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

Fendi Goes Wild With Its Jungle Collection

This season, the Fendi house have called out to the ladies who march to the beat of a different drummer, to the woman who lives passionately, loves deeply, and never fits into a norm. With 6 fashion statements that embody the fiery fashionistas of the 21st century, yes…the Fendi Jungle sunglass collection is calling out to the wild-at-heart woman.

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The Jungle collection fuses an animalistic passion with a brightly decorated collage of rims that come in either a sleek cat-eye fashioned frame or a sensual more traditional frame.

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The Fendi Jungle Collection Brings Nature To The Fashion Runway

Each of the glasses from this collection is layered with strong and solid colours on the frames and sealed off with unique splashes of tropical rainforest colours on the curve of each rim. The Roman Maison inspired graphic patterns and colour combinations evoke a sun-sational Amazon feel to the collection, perfect for a summery surrounding.

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Whether you want to shade yourself from distracting sunlight or need to conceal a hangover, the bold rims of each pair are a stylish shield that protects your eyes while simultaneously adding volume to your outfit.

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The collection resembles Fendi’s commitment to tradition and innovation through this line of sophisticated geometries and adventurous fusions. This collection most certainly sparks up a sudden burst of spontaneity.

Fendi 6

The contemporary design of natural elements on each pair of sunglasses not only gives the wearer a stylish look, but a feeling of creativity, and elegance in a range of outfit options.

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Enjoy the wide selection of Fendi Jungle Sunglasses in all colours and in both frame options this season at SmartBuyGlasses today and get your very own pair of Jungle fashion. It’s all about adding radiance to your confidence and inspiring a tropical rhythm to your look. Dance, Sing and let loose no matter where you are. Put on your pair of Fendi Jungle sunglasses and explore the wild side of life.