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Costa Del Mar: Where Practicality Meets Style…
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Costa Del Mar: Where Practicality Meets Style…

Costa Del Mar: Where Practicality Meets Style…

There are few brands that manage to cross over from specialist, high performance eyewear to become a fashionable and desirable brand. Costa Del Mar is a brand that blurs the boundary between functionality and fashion, they’re worn by fisherman, athletes and the style conscious.

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Costa Del Mar created their sunglasses to meet the needs of the adventurous, the brave and the globe trotters. The sunglasses have been designed for the ocean lovers and river dwellers alike, those who spend many hours on the water.  Battling the sun’s harsh glare off the surface of the water for long periods means they need a product that truly protects their vision. The lenses are designed to ensure absolute clarity and complete protection from the damage that can be done by endless exposure to the sun’s glare.

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All Costa Del Mar sunglasses is hand assembled by skilled craftsman, because the brand believe that nothing can beat the quality that comes from an expert. They also have a rigorous testing and screening process were around 8 individual experts check the product for faults and imperfections before they’re even sold. Quality is key for Costa Del Mar, a brand built to last a lifetime in tough environments.

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With gorgeous Aviator and Wayfarer frames Costa Del Mar have built a range of stylish products that will never go out of style. The classic Aviator has been given a modern twist with stunning metal detailing and an emphasis on creating lightweight and highly wearable sunglasses. The brand are meant to take you from the pool to the river without looking out of place. Costa Del Mar have taken the timeless Wayfarer style and designed a broad range of products which appeal to everyone with a stunning range of color combinations.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses: Our Top Products

When functionality and performance are all that matters, the Costa Del Mar Motu Polarized MTU 69 OCGLP are the only option. What really stand out about these sunglasses is that they have plenty of lens colors to choose from, enables you to choose the color that best matches your needs.

Costa Del Mar sunglasses

If you are looking for comfort and quality then the Costa Del Mar Copra Polarized COP 102 OBMGLP are for you. Not only are the frames made from the highest grade nylon but the lenses also have a category 3 rating for UV protection, adding extra comfort for your eyes for all day wear.

Costa Del Mar sunglasses

For those who love fashion and want their sunglasses to reflect their personal style the Costa Del Mar Cook Polarized COO 126 OSCGLP will meet your every need. Available with Satin Black or Shiny Gold metal frames and in a huge array of lens colors they will match any look and outfit.

Costa Del Mar sunglasses

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