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Costa Del Mar Sunglasses – An Outdoor Masterpiece

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses – An Outdoor Masterpiece

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Maybe you have been feeling slightly overworked lately, or even just a bit dulled out by the everyday routine. Perhaps it’s time for a little break, a good time take to the outskirts, a weekend in the forests, we’re talking fishing rods, tents, sleeping bags, the works, and you know what, we’ve got the apparel that will be just perfect for your trip.

The Costa Del Mar Blackfin Collection

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

The Costa Del Mar  sunglasses, the shades made for life’s most eccentric adventures. Costa Del Mar has established itself as an outdoor sunglasses expert. The brand’s aesthetically enticing designs have been engineered to keep up with the lives of  daredevils and adrenaline junkies. Since your outdoor weekend getaway is coming up soon, we thought we’d tell you a little more about the accessory you will definitely want to add to your weekend of hiking, fishing, the list goes on:

The Costa Del Mar Blackfin Polarized are an adventurer’s finest companion. The model is an all-rounder pair of sunglasses crafted perfectly both in form and function for the great outdoors. After all, there is nothing more menacing than being at the right river bank at the right time and not being able to get a clear view of all the fish you are chasing after.

The Blackfin Design

Costa Del Mar Outdoor Sunglasses

A good pair of Costa Del Mar Blackfin Polarized sunglasses has lenses that come in polycarbonate and glass models provide superior color perception. This new release has been perfectly augmented to protect you from harmful yellow light wavelengths which easily protects you from any incoming haze and simultaneously adding volume to other natural colors. That certainly means you will get to see more of the definition in all of the red, the blue and the green around you.

Sunglasses Made For The Outdoors

Costa Del Mar Fishing Sunglasses

Images by Costa Del Mar

The polarizing technology on a pair of Blackfin shades cannot be praised enough. The shading effect and polarizing coating are perfectly fused between two layers of the lens. This technology performs superbly in moments when attention to detail is essential, say, a crucial fishing moment when you’re detecting a timely strike right before the fish quickly spits the hook…you wouldn’t want to miss those.

Durable, Light Weight, Fantastic Grip

Costa Del Mar Adventure Sunglasses

Images by Costa Del Mar

The frames of this outdoor masterpiece are thickened to block out the side light. The feather light weight of the sunglasses and evident durability are worth boasting about, and you will certainly be able to do that on many trips to come. A stand out feature on the Blackfin sunglasses is the Hydrolite lining across the temple. The lining is hydrophilic, meaning that the grip of the pair of sunglasses gets better the more you sweat.

There is certainly a lot to enjoy with your very own pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses, what more could we ask for from a pair of outdoor sunnies. Enjoy every detail of your surroundings with remarkable lens technology and perfect comfort…you deserve it.

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