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Carrera Summer Sunnies

Carrera Summer Sunnies

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Few brands have the summer bang and pull that Carrera has. They just look amazing in the summer sunshine. The light weight, beautiful metal frames and deep tinting give a mysterious but cool vibe that is all but impossible to find in any other brand. Rhianna, one of the hottest musicians in Hollywood, looks fantastic in Carrera shades, a look she adds power to by wearing metal accessories that match the hue of the sunglasses.

You may not have the star power of Rhianna, but you can get the same look with a bit of metal on your face. Don’t go overboard with studs in your nose and eyebrow and lips, that just doesn’t fit with most occasions. But keep in mind that oversized jewelry can add a lot of bang to your wardrobe, especially when paired with sexy sunglasses.

Carrera is one of the few brands that works well for both men and women. While there are designs and models for each gender, they are generally adaptable to both sexes. Rhianna may be wearing men’s Carrera shades, but it really doesn’t matter because both styles look amazing on her. However, when it comes to finding a pair of shades that work for you sticking to a design for your gender means you’re more likely to get a fit that works on your skull size. Men’s skulls are slightly larger in most cases, and the distance between ears is wider on men, so that men’s sunglasses will be too loose on women and cause discomfort.

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