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Brand Focus: Denim Eye-wear

Brand Focus: Denim Eye-wear

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You can now finally wear denim on denim on Denim. The wonderful Denim eyeglasses collection is put out by major eye-wear powerhouse Safilo. Safilo’s brand portfolio is one of the most diversified in the eye-wear sector. You surely must have heard of some of their brands, even if you haven’t heard of the company.  Some of the most famous fashion houses including Gucci, Dior & Hugo Boss just to name a few. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Denim eye-wear be any less impressive and representative of the creativity and refinement shared by its kinfolk.

Denim eyeglasses are quite simple in design, in a very elegant and minimalist way. This line of eye-wear is not for those hipsters that want to get noticed nor for the fashionista looking for the latest eyeglasses fad. Rather, the denim line of glasses focuses on quality materials and timeless rectangular frames. There are some exceptions, like the Denim 101 & 104 models which have slightly rounder curves, but then again it’s nice to have a little variety as well.

The Denim eyewear collection is particularly suitable for the comfortable, mature man who has already enjoyed the quirky bold glasses in the past and left that look in his twenties while moving forward to a more subtle, distinguished look. Denim eyewear will appeal to those who look for fashionable glasses made of the most modern, durable and resistant materials. The materials an build of these glasses are designed to last, and will look good for years to come. Pick up your own pair of Denim glasses right from Vision Direct Australia’s newly added stock today.

Denim Eyewear

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