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Summer All Year Long with Rachel
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Summer All Year Long with Rachel

Summer All Year Long with Rachel

Bright colours, palm trees and tropical sunsets. Rachel believes that summer is the key to happiness and this is why she decided to move from England to Australia in 2012. She describes herself as a nature junkie, and goes on to mention how you can explore natural landscapes and exotic places by browsing on her blog, as well as finding great fashion and beauty tips – always with a touch of summer freshness!

Can you talk us through what you were doing before you became a blogger and how you made the transition?

For me, blogging started out purely as a hobby, so the transition came gradually. Before blogging and working as a freelance social media marketer, I had a full time job in digital content marketing. I think that a lot of the skills I learned from working in marketing and content creation have helped me come this far with my blog. The transition came when I was unfortunately made redundant from my full time job. I sort of thought ‘right: I’m just gonna do my own thing’.

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What has been the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

For me, it’s been the moments when I have compared myself to other bloggers and thought ‘I’m not good enough’. I try to constantly remind myself that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’.

How do you balance being a successful blogger?

Balancing blogging can be a challenge, especially as I work in freelance marketing and also write for various publications. I think it’s all about prioritizing and giving yourself adequate time off to get out there and enjoy life. With blogging, it’s so easy to force yourself to work full time until you burn out.

summer happiness

Do you have any specific ritual in the morning to kick start your day?

I like to do a few squats to wake me up a little. Oh, and about two cups of coffee… I’m a certified caffeine head! I also like to use a natural green powder that gives me a real energy boost.

Your must-haves when you are at the beach are….?

Sunscreen! I don’t mean to sound like your Mum, but slop it on constantly! Skin cancer is one of the biggest killers here in Australia, so risking your health is not worth it. Plus, you may look amazing skipping the sunscreen now, but when you’re 40 you might look like a leathery sofa. Eeeek! Ok, onto the fun stuff… A cute swimsuit, my mandala-print round towel and a pair of gorgeous sunglasses, like this amazing Prada pair. Beach time is chill time, so I always like to take along the latest issue of Vogue or a good book.

summer happiness

Reading your blog clearly makes us understand your love for nature. Is there instead a city which really left you breathless?

As far as cities go, I fell in love with San Francisco instantly! It’s just so eclectic and has so much character. As I’m originally from England, London will always hold a special place in my heart too. I’m certainly more of a nature junkie than a city girl though! Give me a waterfall, rain-forest pool or beach any day of the week!

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Which is the best product for your hair that we can find in nature?

Moroccan Argan Oil! It honestly does wonders for you hair and smells so amazing. I use Seven Wonders Organic Argan Oil in my hair every night. Honey is also great for adding shine to your hair.

summer happiness

Your next travel destination is……?

I’m headed down the coast this weekend to a really remote beach, where my partner’s granddad built a beach hut. It’s so lovely there as you can totally switch off from reality.


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