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Millennial Pink: Is it a Hype Or Movement?
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Millennial Pink: Is it a Hype Or Movement?

Millennial Pink: Is it a Hype Or Movement?

Remember those days when blue was for boys and pink was for girls? Well – this shade just changed everything; from a brighter pink hue to a soft peachy pink it’s considered Millennial Pink. So what is Millennial Pink and how did it start?

The Revolution of Millennial Pink

Firstly, Millennial Pink is a color which not everybody agrees to what kind it is. They are all different shades of pink and is close to skin color if you have that skin color. Other names for Millennial Pink are Tumblr Pink or Scandi Pink. The start of ‘Millennial Pink’is not very clear; some say it started in 2014 by the appearance of this retro-kitsch color in Wes Anderson’s movie The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Also, in 2016 Pantone named its joint color rose quartz and pale dogwood is one of the colors for spring 2017. This color is also seen among many big designers such as Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Celine, Balenciaga…Also Gigi Hadid worn a full on Millennial Pink outfit for the debut of her eye wear brand. As for bloggers – see Honey Pop for more fashion thoughts on Millennial Pink.

Let’s talk pink

Why did Millennial Pink become such a hype? Millennial pink is not just a hype, but a movement of Millennial boys and girls to show the world that no matter the color you like or the color you wear will define your gender. Instagram has been taking this movement to an entirely new level in which it doesn’t hurt that the color happens to be both flattering and generally pleasing to the eye, but it also speaks to an era in which trans models walk the runway, gender-neutral clothing lines are a thing and man-buns abound.

Moreover, celebrities nowadays are our fashion hero’s – in which they have so much power to actually pursue in a trend or carry forth a trend and make it something worth noticing. As for some – they have decided to take the color pink really serious. Harry Styles, Zoe Kravitz, Noah Cyrus and many more celebs have been spotted rocking this color.

Not only has this been a gender movement – and it’s been reported that 50 percent of millennials believe that it is – this pink is nostalgic. From the Juicy Couture pink track suits to Cher’s fuzzy pens in Clueless – the 90’s have made a huge ironic comeback.

Before this pink trend became a hype, pink was not taken seriously. Wearing pink has become a more serious shade – it has been seen in Polo’s, Button downs, suits and many more casual, work and evening wear. Millennial pink has not only become the tint-du-jour, it has also shown us that despite this playful, cheeky and sincere color can also be embodied and worn whenever. Faith in society restored.

Congrats for making it to the end of this article. Now here we have some Millennial Pink sunglasses – keep scrolling for some serious eye candy and fuel your soul with pink goodness.

Millennial Pink Sunglasses – Yes Please!

Join the hype and tune in with some of our top picks of millennial pink sunglasses:

Ray-Ban RB2140 Original-Wayfarer Ice Pops

Looking for a classic model? These original Ray Ban Wayfarer’s Ice Pops edition are the perfect model for you. Vintage, classy and cool – these sunnies have it all. The combination of the timeless frame and modern see-through and light pink hue will make you rock this millennial trend for sure.

Fendi FF 0118/S ORCHIDEA

If you’re up to switching up your style game every now and then, you might be in favor for these Fendi FF 0118/S Orchidea. These glasses have a lighting bolt look-a-like frame with a very modern and edgy twist to it. The soft, light pink hue gives off a playful vibe.


LMNT Miley S30076 Polarized C126

Space cadets – welcome to Mars. These LMNT Miley futuristic pink sunglasses will complete your crazy looks whether you are just strolling the streets of Berlin or going to a festival. Pair them with any outfit and you’re done.

Quay Australia QU COY PNK

Round glasses are one of this season’s hits – but why? The answer is simple; it fits every face shape and is easy to pair up with any outfit. Again, the round lenses are one of the classics. So, pick yourself up a pair of these Quay Australia QU Coy PNK glasses and rock those candy pink glasses!

Celine CL 41805/S New Audrey

Oversized sunnies are the way to go nowadays and these Celine Audrey sunglasses have been more popular than ever. Not only is Audrey Hepburn herself the inspiration to these pair of sunglasses, but they have also been appearing on influencer’s Instagrams and celebrities and we know why: these Celine CL 41805/S New Audrey cat-eye glasses fit perfectly on every face shape and have a very feminine touch to it.

Polaroid PLD 6003/N

Boys and girls – this one is for you! These pink round sunglasses are unisex and perfect for any occasion. Whether you are going to the beach, hiking or strolling through the city – these sunnies can be worn anywhere, anytime. The Polaroid PLD 6003 have grey/pink mirror lenses and polarized glasses.

Feeling the millennial pink? Check out our entire collection on pink sunglasses right here.

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