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Clip On Sunglasses: Yay or Nay?
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Clip On Sunglasses: Yay or Nay?

Clip On Sunglasses: Yay or Nay?

A few years ago it was accurate to say that clip on sunglasses were neither cool, nor stylish. They were often criticized because of the limited choices they provided insofar as lens color and frame shape, and were most probably owned by your parents in the 90’s. This last point alone was enough to crash their cool stocks value to below zero.

Interestingly, these fashion accessories actually made their debut in the 1940’s in the U.S. They were seen as practical accessories that provided a solution to a problem, rather than taking the fashion world by storm. Popularised in the early 1950’s by the heartthrob of women everywhere, Mr James Dean, however, they suddenly found their cool. And in so doing, cleared the way for classic trends to make their resurgence once again.  

Before we proceed, can we just take a minute to apreciate how effortlessly sexy James Dean really was…

The Clip-On  Renaissance

Since the 50’s it’s fair to say that clip-ons died a slow quiet death on the top shelf, and it seemed unlikely they would ever see the light of day again (other than on your dad’s golf course). So, when we started to see clip-on sunglasses popping up all over pinterest, instagram, and in our favourite shops, we have to admit it piqued our interest. Was it just a flash in the pan, or a bonafide comeback? If it was the genuine article, it raised all sorts of questions. Are they a good deal? Are they going to suit me? Will they even fit over my glasses? Important stuff. It seems the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes, and with everyone from major celebrities to the guy next door wearing them, clip-ons have re-earned their place back at the fashion table.

Take a look at some of our favourites below…

Tom Ford clip-ons 

Buy for $107

                                                                                     Tom Ford clip-ons


                                                                                       Buy now for $117

Persol frames with clip-ons

Buy for $191.20

Ray-Ban clip-ons

Buy now for $80

New Balance frames with clip-ons

Buy for $176

So, Yes or No?

This is the question.

Why Yes? Clip-ons are undoubtedly functional and also a great deal if you want to save some cash. If you need prescription glasses, you won’t have to get prescription lenses done twice. You can have eyeglasses and sunglasses with you always. Small bag lover? Clip-on frames will save space in your bag and avoid adding more weight! Frames are now made with high quality, more advanced materials, and therefore you won’t have to face any “lenses smashing on the floor” problems if you drop them by accident.

And why No? Clip-on sunglasses are smaller than prescriptions ones, so there’s a chance that UV light can come into contact with the eye more easily. So, while they are a good option for daytime in the city, or for relaxed outdoor activities, we suggest that you opt for prescription frames when at the seaside or anywhere you may be exposed to strong sunlight, including reflected glare. You can check out our huge (non clip-on) sunglasses selection here. You may also want to take into consideration that, if you are a huge sunglasses fan (welcome), then sticking to just the one pair might not be the best choice for you. Why limit yourself?!


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