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Adventure Never Ends: Travel Blogger Chantae Reden
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Adventure Never Ends: Travel Blogger Chantae Reden

Adventure Never Ends: Travel Blogger Chantae Reden

Adventure Is The Key To Life

She’s the girl who never stops discovering new places and is always up for an adventure. At a young age and as a broke college student, this girl’s heart was captured by traveling to places she hasn’t been before – particularly involving one thing; sports. The most favorite kind of sports she likes are the ones that give you an adrenaline rush. This girl is up for all of it. So where did her adventure start? Well, the most perfect timing is when you’ve just graduated college, are broke and are definitely up for anything. So what happened after all the backpacking adventures? Well, she moved to Australia and challenges herself by still travelling and doing all these sports.

After all, Chantae is so much more than just travelling and sports – so we asked her some personal questions to find out more about her…

The Lifestyle Of A Travel Blogger

What motivated you to start your blog?

I started my blog in 2012 to inspire and share practical advice on how to travel the world in an adventurous way. My blog centers around travel, action sports, and adventure — three interests that are a huge part of my identity and passion.

Who is your street style icon?

I love color and practicality when it comes to fashion. Since I’m hard on my clothes and pack lightly for trips, I need clothing that is going to be versatile and last in harsh conditions. Travel wear is often frumpy or ugly, so when you find a piece that looks good yet you can wear everywhere, it’s gold!

Rachel from Hippie in Heels is one of my favorite style icons because she manages to look bohemian, flirty, and fun as she travels.

I also love Siniciliya, a blog by Veronika Pototska. She has a very simple, feminine, yet practical style.

What’s your biggest fear in life?

Oh wow, I have to think about this one. I don’t have many practical fears. There is so much to experience and explore, I guess my greatest fear is dying before I get a chance to experience as much as I can. I don’t want to miss out on anything!

Weirdest or most unexpected talent or skill?

As a trained freediver, I can hold my breath for nearly four minutes. I can swim to depths of about 30 meters on a single breath. Sometimes, I swim below SCUBA divers and they are quite shocked to see me there without an air tank.

Many people find this strange, but actually, almost every human can hold their breath for more than two minutes. If you know the right technique and are able to relax, it’s easy.

Where do you want to go next?

I’m planning a trip to Zimbabwe and South Africa at the end of the year. I’m also hoping to advance my diving certification level in Indonesia sometime very soon, which is high on my to-go list.

What is your favorite sunglasses brand and why?

Oakley sunglasses are my go-to brand because they offer sunglasses that are sporty and fun.

So, what’s your favourite sunglasses brand and trend?

I’ve been wearing Oakley Frogskins for years, but at the moment I’m loving the mirrored-lens, frameless trend that’s happening. The Fendi Iridia pair a really fun pair that is favorite model out at the moment. For everyday wear, the Burberry Garbadine is both stylish and practical.

Chantae chose a beautiful pair of Burberry Garbadine sunglasses – check out our website to get yourself a pair. 

* All photo’s courtesy of Chantae, to follow her travel experiences don’t forget to visit her right here!




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