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A Passion for Style ft. Rachel James
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A Passion for Style ft. Rachel James

A Passion for Style ft. Rachel James

Worker by day, blogger by night…

Rachel James is a very popular Sydney based blogger who when is not at work, is busy posting on her blog and her Instagram about style and fashion. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with her about her takes on many different pairs of eyewear, as well as discussing her blog!


We saw that you really like the Celine sunglasses. What made you choose them?

I chose the Celine Audrey sunglasses as they are gorgeous style that goes with everything in my wardrobe.  The classic design means they won’t be going out of style anytime soon, and I will be wearing them for years to come.


Images from racheljames.co

What trends do you think we’ll see for eyewear this year?

The trends for this year that I foresee are retro-style frames, like round Ray Bans, or exaggerated cat-eye frames.  Colours seem to be huge for the upcoming spring/summer collections, and I’m loving all the pinks and rose gold colours at the moment.


What are some of your favourite eyewear styles?

My current favourite eyewear styles:



Round, Retro Ray Ban sunglasses


Anything in rose gold!


Unexpected colours, like this gorgeous pair of pink Celine Audreys



Clear frames


Classic black thick-framed glasses

Biggest challenge about fashion blogging?

The biggest challenge with fashion blogging is simply time!  I work full-time, and I shoot and edit photos on the weekends.  It helps that it’s fun, and that I get to play with lots of gorgeous clothes and accessories!


Images from @racheljames__

And there you have it! An exclusive interview with Rachel James. We look forward to seeing the progress Rachel makes and the new trends Rachel makes with her blog!

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